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Hello, I would like to describe a problem encountered with FSUIPC (I useP3D v 4 and 737 PMDG and MF) and the potentiometers of the throttle group of the motors that I printed with my Ender 3 Pro, (stl can be purchased on the site).

The problem is not MF or Arduino as these gadgets are connected to an Italian production board (8AI-36DI-MTX )
that manages the potentiometers, is an alternative to the Leobodnar boards and is used by the PC as a joystik.

the potentiometers I use are 3: one for the flaps lever, and the other 2 for the reverse motors (the printed throttles are applied to the Saitek engine throttle, which is used for speed brake, eng. 1 throttle, eng. 2 throttle)

the problem in question is that
when I assign the movement of the motor reverse levers, then this does not move on the sim, neither with the programming of P3D (controls) nor with FSUIPC.
however I see in the table of the assignment of the axes in FSUIPC that by moving any lever the movement from minimum to maximum is read and reported with numbers

another thing is that the settings are not memorized, every time I exit from p3d and come back the engine throttle does not work, and not only that, at every start of p3d with 737 pmdg as soon as I move the yoke or any other lever the view of the sim is changed that passes from the virtual cockpit to the external view
2021-05-01 10:29