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From: near EDDL, Germany
Posts: 50
Hello all,

since many years (~20) I have started again using the flight simulator, now the MSFS 2020 since ~6 weeks.
Also to make it easier I build my own Input device for setting throttle (analog potentiometer), elevator trim, heading bug, altitude and V/S (encoders) and least a button for switching On/Off of the autopilot via simulating a keyboard and joystick via USB. The software is running on a STM32 and a NRF52 (native USB). The biggest problem I have is that some times the release of a keyboard or joystick button is not recognized if setting heading bug. In this case no keyboard buttons or joystick buttons are not recognized any more, the heading bug is turning always around and I have to kill the FS2020.

By searching the internet for a solution I found your excellent project and I started to give it a try. I connected one encoder with it's button and got it to work. With the button I can toggle the heading bug On/Off using a Fs2020 event, with the encoder I can set the heading bug by using the FSUIPC function.
Unfortenutely setting the heading bug stops at 180°, additional decrease is not recognized. Means that I am not able to set 179° or less. Increasing from 180° to 181° and more does work and I have no idea what the reason is.

Next what I realized is turning the encoder slow works fine. Increasing the speed "a little bit" works also, but if turning the encoder fast no steps are recognized.
Is there a limit for detecting "fast" steps?

Another question is, is there a solution to use the InputConfigWizard w/o the Arduino connected? Just to check what I set up on another computer.

And is it planned to implement an analog input?

Thank you very much and regards

2021-04-10 12:03
From: near EDDL, Germany
Posts: 50
I was a little bit fast, here are some more Infos:

MobiFlight Version BETA.
For the encoder input:
Action Type: FSUIPC Offset
Preset: Autopilot - AP Heading Value
Offset: 0x07CC
Typ: int with 2 Bytes
Mask: 0xFFFF
BCD Mode not checkrd
Set Value: $-182 / $-1820 / $+182 / $+1820 (left / fast left / right / fast right)

For the button input:
On press:
Action Type: MSFS2020 Events
On release:
Action Type: none

Thanks and regards


P.S.: How can I add pictures to my post?
2021-04-10 15:10
Posts: 16
If you watch and follow Sebastian's Autopilot videos, it works for default airplanes. He has put in all the values and math.
2021-04-11 06:21
From: near EDDL, Germany
Posts: 50
Hello erocfx.

thanks for your reply.
I used the existing preset for the Heading value, which says the size is 2 Byte and an INT variable. It seems that the "turnaround" from -180° to 179° by adding 1° is refused by the software.
The video shows a size from 4 Bytes, and with this it's working as expected (what is clear as it is now 4 Bytes). But will this not a problem for FSUIPC as only 2 Bytes are expected (like in the video can be seen, I also checked in front the Offset list from FSUIPC) and 4 Bytes are written? Would it be better to use IF conditions in the "set value" field?

Unfortenutely fast turning of the encoder like in the video does not work for me, no values are changed. "Medium" fast turning changes the values as defined under "On Left/Right (fast)". Is there a limitation on which Pins encoders can be connected?


2021-04-11 11:17