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Hi all new here, and struggling, I have a Arduino mega 2560, a 28BYJ-48 5v and have created a flaps gauge, I have read many post and configs in mobi flight but none seem to work, the stepper either will not move or will goto 40 flaps when I select flaps 1, I have setup flaps in the output of Mobiflight and setup fsuipc like this, compare is setup like this with the input and output values going down to 40000 / 2710, now on the display section in the test value i have tried different values ie 340 and hit the test and it moves to the flaps 1, then hit the stop and it returns back to 0 and all the other values work and move, I have been reading maybe i need to enter data ref into xuipc but im a complete novice, but once shown ill never forget, now i found the offsets for the flaps in xuipc, if anyone can help where do i go from here to get the flaps moving, either in the zibo or the fljsim 737-200 or any aircraft in fact.
Thank you in advance..
2021-04-05 11:50