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From: United States
Posts: 30
HI, using FSX and version 8.0.2, is there any reason I have to press the RUN buttton more than once, I have to press it several tiimes to get ir connected?

thanks, Steve
Thanks, Steve Avery
2021-03-25 02:32
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5501

Thats not normal.

Please enable Logging Mode and check if there is a Error message.
MF swap back from RUN to STOP by itself if there is a syntax error e.g. in the config.

Other way to test/confirm.....
Simply load a example file or a Empty config with just the parking brake tutorial ( to get sure there is no issue)
Does it again need a multiple RUN clicking OR does it work now ?
If problem is no longer occure then garantee your config include a massive issue !
Good Luck !
2021-03-25 19:05