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Hi all
New in the Website and the community , i want to test Mobiflight, but surprise , when i want to download the software , the download is locked by an alert of my anti-virus BitDefender
Total security
see below Alert message
Infected web page 46 minutes ago

Online Threat Prevention

We have blocked this dangerous page for your protection:
We blocked this dangerous page for your protection:
Threat Name: Gen:Variant.Bulz.383198
Dangerous pages try to install software that can damage the device, collect information or act without your consent
is it a possible False positive message from Bitdefender or the web page is really infected ?
Best regards
2021-03-10 02:54
From: ETSI, Germany
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Please check other Forum Postings or the discussion on our Discord Group.

In case Mobiflight support it´s Software for Download via a Self extracting EXE file, some Protecting Software was alearted since years. But till now only the file itself occure in a aleart ( when you try to execute it). We tomporary solve this !
Since some days we got reports that the Website ( Download linked page) also result in Blocks from defending Software. ( as you say)

I´m not a Pro here..... But maybe this is in case the Number of Downloads increase massive in the last Months in case we offert the users to join the BETA Progress..... Means in the past normal users only download one time per Version Number the file.... Now a big number of users also download BETA´s ( e.g. between 7.10 and 8.0 there was 16 Beta files.)
Additional the FS2020 Release increase the user number a lot. Many "sleeping builders" come back to buisness.

Sebastian and some other Users with programming knowledge still try to solve this.

For now i can only say.... I trust in Sebastians work.... So i simply ignore this False Positive warnings !
Good Luck !
2021-03-10 04:24