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I am trying to manage the A320 FCU from Fs2020
On the altitude coder, there is a ring used to select the increments of the main altitude coder.
Ring on the left: increments 100 by 100
Ring on the right: increments 1000 by 1000

Apparently, there is no offset on fsuipc to catch the selector position. So I thought to send a key to activate it.
I red that for now, mobiflight can not send keys to FS2020.

So you know if any modification is planned for mobiflight be able to do that ?
This should be very usefull for lot of things like:
Metric Altitude button
Speed mach button
LOC button
APPR button

2021-02-26 00:25
From: ETSI, Germany
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The posibility to use keys is no Mobiflight Problem technical.
MF support this for all other Sims like Xplane, FSX, P3D . Here Microsoft/Asobo is the problem in case they change there system in a bad way.
We hope to solve this... but maybe also FS2020 patch that system so we can work like in the past.

About your Problem.

You can try to use a Joystick Button for that.... Via the VJOY System in MF. If you can set this funtion to Joy Buttons in the Sim then it´s possible.
But more efficient.... Use the new "FS2020 Simconnect Events" Tool.
Sebastian implement this, in case FSUIPC not support all new FS2020 Systems.... And it looks like the need many time to make that possible.
So simply check our Youtube Channel or the Discord Server. There all is explaned how you can make DIRECT inputs ( without FSUIPC or Keys) to the Sim.
Normaly also your needed Switch should be included there.
Good Luck !
2021-02-27 13:45