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I've searched around and found a few threads about this but I can't find a definite answer, so i apologize now for repeating.

I'm creating an autopilot panel for general use in FSX, not just one specific aircraft, and I'm using encoders for Altitude, Heading, etc. but I'm also going to have the selected values on 7 segment displays. My question is which fsuipc offsets should I be using for each one? For example, altitude I tried 07D4 and it seemed to work correctly using the default transform, but it sometimes showed 99 in the display instead of rounding up to the next 100, so 8299 instead of 8300. This would happen randomly as i turned the encoders. Any easy way to fix that?

Also, do I use the same offset for the Input on the encoders and the Output to the displays or is there one for encoders and a separate one for displays? For the encoders I was using regular turn to change by 100 feet and fast turn to change by 1000 feet. I found a good change value on here but again, wanted to confirm what I should actually be entering. I also tried using event id AP_ALT_VAR_INC/DEC but i can't set the different turn values.

Any help is appreciated for a newbie.

2021-01-19 22:30
From: ETSI, Germany
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Keep Cool.... We all was noobs on our first days. Also each real captain had startup as a pasenger on his first school flight.

About your questions:

1. You find the Lists of Offsets in your FSUIPC Subfolder.... e.g. D:/FSX/MODULES/FSUIPC-DOCUMENTS/ Mostly called "FSUIPC4-Offset-Status.pdf"
The List for EventID´s is also there.... Called "The xx List of FSX and P3D Controlls.pdf"
And NOTE: These Lists are for Standard Aircrafts.... AddOns ( e.g. PMDG) use own Lists !

2. The 3 Kind of Offsets:
We got READ only.... WRITE only .... and READ/WRITE Offsets.
As the name said....
A Read Only Offset can not be written with a Input.... Its only readable.
A Write Only Offset is used for Inputs but have no "own" Value ( mostly Transfer Systems) .... So you can NOT read it for a Output like a Display.
And Finaly Read/Write Offsets ( most of the Offsets we use) ..... Those can be read for a Display and same time Written for a Input.

3. The Typs of EventID
Here we also got 3 basic Systems... ( I not know the real names... So i called them as follows)
- EXECUTE Events.... Those have no Parameter. They simply execute a premade Action. A good Example are the ALT INC/DEC .
Here you not enter a value or say something like +100ft. These Events simply run a little premade action.... In that case they INC the Altitude by 100ft.
- SET Events ..... These use a Parameter.... And they simply SET a Funtion to the Value we use as Parameter. For example the XPDR SET Event with parameter 1234 would set the Tranponder directly to 1234.
- SPECIAL Events like MouseAction Events. Those are used by PMDG. Here the Event Itself is controll a special Function.... E.g. the Altitude Encoder.... And the Parameter represent a Mouse Command.... So if we use "Mousewheel Down" Parameter then This event simulate a Input from our Mouse on the Virtual Encoder with a single detent of the Mousewheel.


4. Rounding Problem:
You still understand.... The Raw value not include a Altitude.... It is a verry high number. And our Formula recalculate it to the altitude in feets.
By this recalculation we can have "float" values.... So e.g. 8300ft result in 8299,9735 ( not real.... just a example!) .... But if we not tell Mobiflight it should change this it simply show the full number and ignore the decimals.
To solve this the "Round" Command is used. For example Round($,0) means it Round the curent value to a full number. In your case you must include the Formula in this Round..... like Round((your current formula),0)

I hope this give some input to you..... If you still got questions.... Simply ask !
Good Luck !
2021-01-20 03:51
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Thanks for all of the information! This is definitely helpful

I'm familiar with those documents you mentioned about the offsets and event ids, I guess I'm wondering what specific offsets are typically used for something like AP altitude display output and encoder input? Is 07D4 - AP Altitude Value the right one to use for both? I found this in another thread and tried it. seems to work ok but I have to round the numbers. Just want to make sure this is acceptable to use for both input and output


Use the FSUIPC Offset for Autopilot - AP Altitude Value. I have On Left configured to do set value $-1997537. On Right is configured to do set value $+1997537. On Left (Fast) is configured to do set value $-19975370. On Right (Fast) is configured to do set value $+19975370.
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2021-01-20 21:27
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5474
If you are familiar with that documents ( as you said) and you use the same documents i recommend..... then all is written there.

Right of the the List entrys there are 2 collumns .... FSX READ and FSX WRITE.
There is always a note like OK or NO and also additional informations like OK-SImC ir OK-INTL .
The "legend" for all this status notes is on the first page of the document.
So basicly you can see in that list if a Offset is Read, Write or both.


About Question:

The common Systems (like AP ALT) are "normaly" for Both ways.... Input and Output.
The Write Only and Read only Offsets are mostly used for systems, where only One Way is logical.
E.g. the Offset that show a Crash detection with a other aircraft.... This is Read Only.... Cause it make no sense to create a crash by a button press.
Otherwise the Radio COM1 Toggle ( To swap between ACT and STBY) is a Write Only.... Cause a momentary Button make no sense to get readed.

That means.... If a Function is used in true aircrafts as a Input and Output ( Like AP Altitude that is controlled by Encoder and also showed on a Display) then in 99% of cases these are Read/Write Offsets. ( STANDARD Aircrafts !!!.... For example the AddOn PMDG have fully no Write Offsets. Only Reads! So we already talk about Stock Aircrafts !)

About the best way....
As you know.... Both Systems have Disadvantage and benefits. The On Fast Increase by 1000 instead of 100 is only possible (Stock Aircraft) with a Offset Input.
Otherwise a EventID Input is much more comfortable.... No Formulas. No "overdrive" No Recalculations. BUT Mostly only one Event Typ.... Like +- 100ft for AP Alt !
Good Luck !
2021-01-21 04:05
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ok, thatnks again for the information. I think this is what i need to go with.
2021-01-21 14:12