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using x plane and mobiflight 7,10 8 digit display, left padded space, digits 2, 4, 6, 8

config set as offset 0x054 int 2 byte mask 0xFFFF bcd checked

set val on left on right
if($<7,$+1,0) if($>0,$-1,0)
if (>0,$-10,70) if($<70,$+10,0)
if ($<700,$+100,0) if ($>0,$-100,700)
if($>0,$-1000,0 if($<7000,$+1000,0)

the set values are written so that numbers change in correct way for its encoder i.e on right 0 to 7 on left 7, numbers increment and decrement as expected.

The problem,

the lowest number I can set on the display is 1000 , if I go beyond 7000 the display only shows the left most digit as 0 then will show 1000 if I keep turning. I get the same result using the 100 and 10 digit encoders, so I cannot set a frequency of e.g 0123 etc.

I have to admit I'm a nuts and bolts guy so software and wiggly amps baffle me to the extreme, or to put it another way, thinking makes my brain hurt but I can lift heavy weights.

2021-01-10 13:42
From: ETSI, Germany
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This can not work !

If you read the whole Frequency with your Configs ( 0354 2 BYte INT ) then the Value is also the whole Number.

Lets looks at your "1 Position Configs"
if($<7,$+1,0) if($>0,$-1,0)
Lets say current Value is 1234
If you turn to the left you say "if($<7,$+1,0)" means if 1234 is less then 7 then 1234+1 (1235) .... else set to "0" ( so Frequency now is "0000" )
That means.... The THEN only happen at 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005 and 0006 .... In each other Transponder Value it will set to "0"
And by the way.... On LEFT the Value should decrase.... not Increase !

On Right you say if($>0,$-1,0) .... So in all Transponder values except "0000" you say $-1 .... If it´s "0" you set again to 0.
That occure also in a missing (wrong) swap ....
Lets say you got "1200" Formula : if($>0,$-1,0).... means if 1200>0 then 1200-1=1199 Else "0" . So it will send 1199 to sim whatever transponder not accept a nine!

Summary: I not fully understand why your "issue" happens.... But on first view the Inputs should not work in total. i wondering why you say they basicly work already.

1. Work with Key Send... As i know most Xplane users work with Joystickbutton or Keys here cause its more comfortable.
2. If you like to use the Offset Methode.... I think here much much more compelx formulas are needed. I not try out but we need to exclude the needed diggit with "Floor" and "Modulo" formulas and a advanced recalculation.
To help here i need to build this for testing myself!
Good Luck !
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