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Hello all,

some weeks ago I started to use Mobiflight and I am happy to be able to use it. Unfortunately I am experiencing some shortcomings with it... I posted the issue on the Discord and on the Jeehell Forums but I think this is the "more correct" place :) I gladly would take any advice you might give to resolve the following:

- Loosing inputs on physical switches - Sometimes I am loosing one of the two or three signals between my physical switch ( and, the Arduino board and FSUIPC. I can see in the debug mode that the signal was registered but not "forwarded" to FSUIPC. Trying to disable debug mode as suggested several helped just a bit. This behavior is especially frustrating with physical switches as I have to rely on the physical state rather than checking constantly if the signal was detected.

- Slow/jumping encoders - The encoders I am using are jumping in values (some like ++++++++--++++-++++) on "normal" rotations (nothing too fast, really). Sometimes one signal is lost, sometimes not. This is especially nerve consuming when trying to dial a specific heading or QNH setting... The encoder in use is the following: . I am using the Jeehell Datapipes and I am aware that they are a bit slow in combination with MF.

I made a short video demonstrating what the issue is. I did 10 detends slowly and slightly faster. When turning slightly faster you can see that I am losing almost 50% of all detends...

For the setup I am using one PC (i7 8700k 4.5Ghz, 32GB Ram, GTX1080) running P3D v4.5, Jeehell B53, FSUIPC 5 and Mobiflight 7.10 (stable) with a polling rate of 150 and/or 200 to FSUIPC. Please let me know if I can give more information. I am looking for a responsiveness something similar to this one here:

A strange thing I observed was also that FSUIPC is writing MANY offsets constantly as you can see in the nearly 30 second FSUIPC log file attached.

I asked on the MF discord but without major success, so I hope to find someone here who can confirm that the signal loss is intended/unavoidable or who can guide to towards a direction.

Thanks all and have a great day!


No bouncing occurs on MSFS2020. So it has to be some software conflict...

Further testing was made. Checked the Hardware Connect App of Jeehell and found out that double posts were made when turning slightly faster.

*09:58:22* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:101
*09:58:22* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:102
*09:58:23* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:103
*09:58:23* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:104
*09:58:24* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:105
*09:58:24* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:106
*09:58:24* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:107
*09:58:25* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:108
*09:58:25* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:109
*09:58:26* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:110

*09:58:28* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:111
*09:58:28* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:112
*09:58:29* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:113
*09:58:29* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:113
*09:58:29* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:114
*09:58:29* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:114
*09:58:29* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:115
*09:58:29* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:115
*09:58:30* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:116
*09:58:30* FSUIPCmodule:Data Pipe:1 Value:117

Okay, I did even further testing. It is definitely not bouncing. Did a test with my "normal" joystick (x56) and assigned one scroll wheel as SPD in the Jeehell Configuration. Turned as fast as I could and here you go! No bounces, no signal loss, nothing. So it has something to do with the Jeehell Datapipes and the whole combination between Jeehell, Mobiflight, FSUIPC and SimConnect
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2020-12-16 08:58
From: ETSI, Germany
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Yes. I know that.

I explane this many many times here. The "Datapipe" is ( for my opinion) the whorst solution ever.
I don´t know why Jeehell choose for this. Maybe a interesting thing for latching switches but sure absolutly inlogical and unpracticable for Encoders.

I not use Jeehell so i have no cantact to them.
May you like to request this in the Jeehell Forums.

With FS2020 lots of new stuff come in the sim.... And also pete/John Dowson fully rework there FSUIPC.
This is maybe a good moment to rework also the Jeehell FMGS -FSUIPC PlugIn.
I think it´s simply "stoneage" to handle Inputs via a single Offset.
FSUIPC got thousend of free Offsets. So it would be the best way if Jeehell simply would use few hundrets of them ( instead of 20 today) and handle all the Inputs and Outputs via single Offsets.


To Help:
About loosing single "latching" inputs..... Change your Polling. 100-150 is way to fast. Most users work with 300 and thats ok.
Fast not mean good. Fast means Inputs can be lost !

For Encoders.... Here The Datapipe (Whatever with Mobiflight or direct) is "bullsh*t" ! Try to use a alternate like Joystick Controllers OR wait for a better Tool friom Jeehell!
Good Luck !
2020-12-18 22:49