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To whom it may concern! :)

First of all, the actual state of mobiflight is also perfect I can do whatever I want with it with all the aircrafts and the sims on the market :). Thx for all the developers, especially Sebastian. :)

However what I realised that when we write .lua codes for inputs. We can not use it via mobiflight. We can only use the lua macro files that we write i.e. "1=L:AB_AP_SPDMACH=toggle". However I realised that while making Aerosoft A320 FCU. When I use "1=L:AB_AP_ALT_Select=inc" to increase altitude on fcu. It increases the value by one, i.e.3000 to 3001. As I said before there are also other ways like sending keyboard commands and adjusting it via FSUIPC. However I think it would be great to call .lua via mobiflight and use the parameter 1 ,2 ... etc to execute as in .lua file.

Thank you very much

This is not a problem post. I made mine using the writing the Lvar to a free offset and using mobiflight input FSUIPC section using $+/-100 or $+/-1000 values.

It is just a friendly wish. Take it easy to all. :)
2020-11-22 18:10
From: ETSI, Germany
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This should be possible already.

I never use the LUA Plugin in MF..... And badly the guy who make it never support a real manual for this.....
But as i understand we can run macros AND scripts with it !
Good Luck !
2020-11-26 17:12