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From: Bangkok VTBD/VTBS
Posts: 30
I am in the process of converting my MCP from Opencockpits to Mobiflight. I have most of the displays figured out including blanking the V/S display and the IAS/MACH A/B indicators (not flashing but from what I could gather from the German section of the section, the flashing A/B may be implemented in a future version). The IAS/MACH display is configured as follows:


Compare: If current value < 100, Set value to $ * .01 (To display MACH)

Display: 4 digits with Left padding enabled (Space)

IAS displays fine but there is a leading 0 on the MACH display (0 . X X)

Is there a way to blank this leading zero?

Thank you,

2016-03-05 07:26
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 4554

I just woked with PMDG and dont know the logic of the FSUIPC Value......

But i think you need to make TWO different Entrys for MACH and IAS ( With Preconditions that only One is working at the same time)

I Worked on MACh Display with integer.... For Exmaple Mach 0.69 i used a value of 69 and set a decimal Point only as a Dummy. So Just Multiply the value to get a integer,

By the Way.... I look to the FSUIPC List and see that " Mach Speed" is another offset.....
07E8 4Byte "Autopilot mach value" as Mach*65536

Maby this Offset is easyer like to comare the other one.

Please report when it workes..... thats interesting !
Good Luck !
2016-03-05 16:40