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From: Italy
Posts: 46
there is my first cockpit prototype used with MSFS2020 and also with XPlane 11 including: Main Switches,Parking Brake, Landing Gear, Lights, Deice, Autopilot, Alarm and Warning Annunciators, Radio Stack with COM, NAV and Transponder in a multipage LCD Display showing also Actual Fuel, Consumption, APU % and Outside Temperature.

There are also Displays to show Actual Heading, Speed, Altitude, Flap Position, Engines and/or Propeller Data and Temperatures and, finally, Next Waypoint distance.
My target is to use as little as possible Mouse and Keyboard.

For that I'm waiting for the "complete" list of MSFS2020 >> FSUIPC7 Offsets and Events avaiability, but I know that this will be possible as soon next Year.

A lot of thanks to MobiFlight Team for their great Software and also great support.

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Fuarce Friûl
2020-11-07 19:34
Posts: 5
Very nice!

I am waiting for the FSUIPC list to get more actions and events also.

Thanks, Dan
2020-11-09 14:27