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Thanks again Ken for your help
I also have the A2A C172 and that's next on my list to have the pane work with it.
Not sure if you can help further or not but this is what I have working
All the 6 pack of the Cessna 172 except the Heading Indicator
With the HD the heading bug encoder changes the bug no problem (0x07CC Autopilot - AP Heading Value)
The dial encoder changes the dial (0x0C3E as suggested by pizman82) OK but it does not take the bug with it as it does on the sim
This is what I am trying to do. I am trying pizman's82 as in his last post but no success yet
do you have a solution apart form using Lua,
2020-10-18 05:12
Posts: 55
SOLVED:thumbup: :thumbup: Thanks to krono and pizman82
For others that might want the settings for "Heading Indicator"
Encoder for the Heading Bug = Event ID - Heading_Bug_Deg On Left = Event ID 65880 Param -182
On Right = Event ID 65879 Param +182
Encoder for the Dial = Event ID - Gryo_Drift_Deg On left = Event ID 65878 Param 0
On Right = Event ID 65877 Param 0
Stepper for the Bug = Offset 0x07CC 2 bytes Transform (360-#)+(($*360)/65536). Compare = <0 ,set it to $+360 else $. Display Compass Mode
Note I have the"#" in the transform is there because this is what I used for the placeholder for the heading dial stepper. ( great I learnt about placeholders at the same time)

Stepper for the Dial = Offset 0x0C3E 2 bytes Transform $*360/65536. Compare = <0 ,set it to $+360 else $. Display Compass Mode
This works fine on my FSX C172
Thanks again for the help and suggestions
I have now decided to add the ADF to my panel so will see how I go:|
2020-10-18 06:23
Posts: 25

I am glad to hear that you have solved your problem. If you need any help or suggestions just ask here as I run all of the 6 pack with steppers and encoders. I am at the moment however redesigning my attitude gauge that runs on 2 steppers and adding a micro slip ring on the pitch angle motor.Good luck with your sim

2020-10-19 02:51
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