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From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3867
As i know there was no big change here.
Yes we implement the "simulated detents" for the 2:1 and 4:1 Encoders..... And Yes This can occure in your reported Problem with wrong direction.
BUT Then this symptom must also happen i you turn Standard NAV instead of the Jeehell Datapipe. this wrong Direction ( In case of Mobiflight Firmware) is global i think..... not related to the Datapipe itself.

The Datapipe is working same way as before as i know.
What change is a new system of Inputs.... That build a cascade if to much Inputs ocure ( Encoder mostly) ..... so Mobiflight send them with a little delay if needed.
And here maybe the problem occure.

Jeehell Data Pipe looks cool but this is stoneadge as it best. So Difficult and so many bypasses. Lots of people still report it is verry slow. But we can not change.

When you turn the Encoder 1 detent Mobiflight must read the current Value from the Display.... Export that data from the Read Config to the Input Config.... Must calculate $+1 must send data to FSUIPC .... Then it must send the Data Pipe activation to FSUIPC..... In FSUIPC there must be a recalculation and a action fired. Jeehell must recive this command and execute it in FMGS..... so 5+ Steps instead of 1 step if we would use a simple Joystick Button Input.

Does Airbus Jeehell got a Switch that change between 1000/100 above the Encoder ?
Why not simply rework this switch temporary in 2000/100 .
So if you press that button/switch you swap into Slow LEft/Rigth permanent to +-2000 ( instead of 1000) and another press go back to standrad +/- 100
Good Luck !
2020-09-14 22:38
Posts: 54
Hi pizman,

The switch for altitude change (100 / 1000) is available but the reverse action with Fast happens with speed, heading, and vertical speed datapipe as well, which do not have the switch option
I am now can work around by tuning the encoder at speed of 4-5 detent increment/decrement, then it will work, seem there is a timing restriction somewhere in Mobiflight input code.

2020-10-16 11:40
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