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Posts: 7
I'd like to request a new request. This feature would allow a device such as a mechanical, Hall Effect or an IR sensor such as TCRT5000 to be used as a home position switch for a stepper motor. This would allow the stepper motor to return to a known home position for gauges or B737 chronometer after a power down or restart of FSX. It will only need one digital input to support this feature. Thanks !! Steve
2020-10-04 19:29
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
We still got this.... Or do i missunderstand ?

Version 7.8.0 ( Firmware 1.9.2) and all follow versions include "Stepper auto calibration"

You can enebale this Option in the Device Settings. If Eneabled the "+/- 1/10 " Calibration Tool in the Display Tab of a Stepper Output Config is greyed out and the stepper now calibrated via a INPUT signal. In Settings you can chose one Pin where this Signal come from.

Whatever i never test this myself and not use it till now..... Technical at systemstart the Stepper turn in one direction "endless" until a signal ( e.g. a button, sensor etc) give a input on that Pin. Then Stepper stops immediately

If i missunderstand request please explane me more detailed what you need exactly. Else this is solved i think !
Good Luck !
2020-10-05 10:10
Posts: 7
Thanks for the quick response. I'll have to check it out and I will let you know.

Once again, GREAT software and thanks for all your efforts to help the Flight Sim builders!!
2020-10-06 22:49