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I ordered uno`s by accident, instead of mega`s.. Decided to tinker around anyway. managed to build the park brake light without issue, moved onto the com radio, had an error when flashing.. now my uno appears without serial, no longer appears as MF, just uno, and seems un rescue-able.. any one have any ideas?

2020-09-16 00:34
From: ETSI, Germany
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Whats your question now ? How to bring the UNO back to basic state so it is useable for other things ??
Here you just need the EEPROM Clear sketch (Arduino IDE) to remove all settings from Mobiflight. Then the UNO is technical empty and can be used like before.


Do you like a guide how you can use the UNO for Mobiflight?
Here simple awnser is NO. We can not give cause we not know it.

UNO is not compatible in case of missing memory size. Looks like the Update will install a part of the firmware.... So your ParkingBrake LED will work. But maybe things like the 7Seg are no longer possible in case of missing part of the firmware. Maybe the problem is if you create a new device ( without MEM for this) that occure in a error, too.

In easy words.... We know Mobiflight will not run on the UNO.... So we no longer try to make this possible. The existing system allow some things like you confirm with the LED. But we not know and not like to find out what is working or not. We just give you this option cause some users still use the UNO on own risk and we not want to block them!

Sumamry: UNO is NOT supported!
Good Luck !
2020-09-16 06:59
Posts: 2
Thankyou for the reply! mega`s are inbound!!
2020-09-16 07:23