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Good Day,

Thank you for a truly excellent application for the FS community. Having built rudimentary interface hardware that pre-dates IOCards, and written interface software against the original FSUIPC SDK, I am aware of the enormity of the problems you have had to solve :-)

As a PSX owner, I have kicked around developing an embedded solution for interfacing a home cockpit to the app. It has a well-documented interface that uses sockets. After stumbling upon MobiFlight and reading through multiple forums, I found that there is a solution that uses Mobiflight, FSUIPC, SIOC, and PSXSEECON for 2-way interfacing. Essentially FSUIPC variable changes are used as event triggers to link things together. I've not personally built a working model for this yet, but several users have reported that it works well.

My concern is the dependency upon multiple links in this chain - more possibilities for things to break, more complex debugging, etc. Rather than Mobi <--> FSUIPC <--> SIOC <--> PSXSEECON <--> PSX, I'm looking to develop something direct i.e. Mobi <--> PSX.

I noted that Mobi has a BitBucket site and the potential is there for side development help. Would this be a side branch you might consider incorporating into MobiFlight? If so, I would be interested and willing to work on such development. There really is no "plug and play" solution for PSX - current options require end users to develop at least a rudimentary understanding of scripting, which I am certain blocks a lot of them. However if they could easily upgrade Arduino Megas to MobiFlight boards, and program cockpit devices via dropdown lists...well, I think that would be a happy user group :-)

Please let me know if interested, and if so how I should proceed.

All the best,

2020-08-22 15:49
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi Scot!

Basicly we looking forward to every user who like to invest some lifetime into our project. But i´m not sure if your idea is compatible with the mobiflight "master" idea.
At the moment the only compiler we use is FSUIPC ( and the cloned XPUIPC in same way) .
For the Future Sebastian basicly planes to build a more direct connection via SIMCONNECT. The question is if this is "additional" to FSUIPC Support in kind of a Mobiflight 8.x version OR if we split up Mobiflight.... So Sebastian will Stop supporting Mobiflight itself with a final Patch ( useable with FSX/P3D/XP) and then startup a "XXXMobiflight" that is build for FS2020 ( and maybe also P3D/FSX) and directly talk to Simconnect.

Your idea is "different". We never talk about a additional System.... Like a direct connection to Xplane or something like yours.

I think the most efficient way is a personal conversation. If possible to you please join our DISCORD Server....
If you see Sebastian ( DocMoeibus/Uppercase) Online contact him..... Alternate call Stephan or me ( Orange Nameplates)
Else send Sebastian a Mail.... And put me in the cc if you like..... Sebastian Mine:

I´m looking forward to talk to you.
Good Luck !
2020-08-22 23:47