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From: Schagen, Netherlands
Posts: 12
Already fixed the problem..... Just had to do a EEPROM Sketch..

Hi again..

I got a new problem, this time I looked in older topics but couldn't find a solution for this problem.

I connected my LE Devices LED's to my Arduino, when im testing the LED's in Mobiflight most of them are bright but there are a couple of LED's that are dimmed for some reason. My power supply is powerful enough, and I use 100 Ohm Resistors. I connected 2 100 Ohm 3W Resistors to the ground of the LE Devices LED's.
I checked and tried some things:

I first tried to see if its a problem with the board itself so I did a blink test with all the LED's on and everything was bright, so the output voltage on the Arduino is ok.

I've seen a topic with people having the same issue and a restart of Mobiflight fixed the problem for them, but thats also not working.

I've checked all my wiring and everything seems to be alright (It should be alright otherwise the blinking test wouldn't work as well)

Im out of ideas...
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2020-07-17 18:29
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 4339
Wonderfull you could already solve it youreself! :thumbup:

Whatever we can not find out the initial problem..... Pretty sure your testing ( with blink sketch) finaly kill the system. Uploading a sketch put new data to the board but same time in the EEPROM there are MF Settings, too. This mix up the systems and occure in additional errors.

Its not perfect but mostly the "back to the root" logic is the best. Delete the whole Mega by EEPROM Clear Sketch and beginnning from new solve most of MEGA related problems.
Good Luck !
2020-07-18 09:21