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From: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
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Hey everyone,

Maybe I missed the boat on this one... but is it possible to control ProSim737 through a MobiFlight Arduino module? :confused: Because if so, that would absolutely make my day...!!!

If it IS possible, has anyone done it... and be able to share the basics on how to get everything communicating? I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to the programming end of things. I was under the impression I had to choose one or the other; that is, ProSim737 or MobiFlight in order to get my cockpit running.

Thanks everyone!
Instagram: the_airdrie_737_project
2017-09-11 07:12
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3520

Basicly YES

Maby i missunderstood your comment but you NOT can choose between Mobiflight and ProSim737..... These are 2 completly different things !
- ProSim is a AddOn Aircraft.... Basicly the same like PMDG, Stock Aircraft or every other Aircraft. ( But a VERRY advanced and professional AddOn that is perfect for homecockpits)
- Mobiflight is a Software to communicate between Simulator and Hardware .... Basicly the same sort like Sioc, Lint2FS and so on)

That means summary.... ProSim is the Aircraft you "fly" but NOT controll your Homecockpit.... Mobiflight manage the Hardwaret but you can not fly with it cause it is not inside the Simulator.
So You need a Software (Mobiflight) AND a Aircraft .... For Basic use the Standard Aircrafts of FSX.... For a good advanced Simulator maby the ProSim as you requested.

To the Guide.
Myself i not work with ProSim .... Maby some users here can give you better detailed inormation.
BUT.... In Easy words... ProSim is a 1000$ Professional solution and have a verry good Homecockpit Support.... Nearly 100% should be possible with this system.
Much MORE like cheap AddOns (PMDG) ... And Mobiflight should can mannage all of this stuff, too.

Finaly.... If you just start with cockpit buildings i would recommend to startup with Standard Aircrafts or a "cheap" 80$ AddOn likePMDG..... The Prosim is VERRY advanced.
This is just to protect you to spend 1000$ and after some weeks you find out this is not funny for you.
ProSim (or Project Magenta) are the absolutly Highest 737 Software (Price and Quality) you can buy. Decide yourself if you need it !
Good Luck !
2017-09-11 13:29
Posts: 67
I definately agree with you Pizman, prosim is too expensive and if we just flying Simulator for fun or hobby then pmdg is more enough...if you are a real pilot, maybe prosim can be considered...
2020-07-06 18:07