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Hi. My motorized throttle quadrant project is still in work.for now the throttles input with usb joystickcontroler+poti and output with arduino and servos works well. Now i move on to the flaps. I use x-plane and the standard 737. for now i have no idea how to input the flaps lever position into x-plane. Maybe with an encoder and arduino? If anyone realized such a project then it would be nice to share how that was made

Thanks a lot
2020-06-26 21:26
From: ETSI, Germany
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I don´t know the XPUIPC System myself..... So you must check youreself if XPUIPC work same way. ( or a other user can confirm this for you)

FSUIPC ( FSX/P3D) have 3 Systems.

1. Preselected Axis.
Here the Axis of a Poti is used for "Flaps"..... Means in eample a B737 this axis is splitted in the needed Flaps Positions. Upper Point is Flaps 0..... Lower Point is Flaps 40
Here you must build the "nodges" in same way as used by the axis. ( positions are fixed by the software)

2. Custom Axis.
Here you build the nodges custom as you like them..... Finaly you split (on the software) the full axis into "areas" .... In easy word you define a point by moving the leaver to a point ( e.g. the nodge of Flaps 1) and then you define in FSUIPC that it should send the command " Set flaps to position 1°" always if leaver is moved to exact this position.
This need a calibration one time but finaly work 100% perfect.

3. Switch input.
Profesional Cockpitbuilder use a switch system. So a Leaver that have a spring that must be pulled to move the flaps handle. After reach a nodge you release the leaver and the spring pulled it into the nodge. Then it "press" a button that is mounted in the middle of the nodge. this press send a command to the Sim taht SET the Flaps to that position.
In easy words.... Here you not use a Poti.... You use e.g. 9 single Push Buttons !.

Please find out how XPUIPC work here..... then you know how to build it !
Good Luck !
2020-06-26 23:36
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Thanks for the fast answer.

You are right. The easiest way is to use a potentiometer. In x-planes joysticksettings i can generate a profile.....

For the 737 i made a encoder work as well. But to work perfectly alligned to the hardware notches on my throttle quadrant i have to redesign the positions of the notches according to the encoder switch positions. Which is possible but i decided to use the poti version.

I was thinking about to not use a poti because i also want to use the magknight 787. unfortunatelly this plane does not support an axis to control the flaps. Neither an encoder. I testet but the offset i used for the 737 dos not work with the magknight. Sadly. So the magknight 787 only accepts buttons for flap one noch up/down. I dont want to use a maybe i will put switches on my quadrant just in case i fly the 787.

Mobiflight is such an awsome tool. So much fun to use it even for non electronic and programming pros.
2020-06-27 12:56