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From: LIMF, Italy
Posts: 36


Your topic was deleted by a mistake.....



Basic System:
There exist no PMDG Internal Trim Offset. But we can use the Standard Offset "0BC0 2 Byte INT"
Problem is.... this Offset is basicly from -16383 to +16383 (with PMDG it starts nearly at -5000 )
If you like to use a Motor (Servo, Stepper) you just can use this value (Whatever i would make it positive like "$+5000) to avoild a negative Value that can occure in trouble with Servo Motors)

If you like to use it with a 7 Segment Display ( The most easy way) you must recalculate it.
Transform : Round(($+5000)/1265),0)*100 for a nearly 1:1 Calculation
Transform : ($+5000)/1265 ( Not tested but should work.) Here the decimal numbers can be a "bit" different to PMDG.

NOTE: In Real there is also just the Analog scale in a B737.... So a Trim would be done maby to 0,25 Steps exactly. There is no need for a 100% accurate rate.

2020-06-04 14:51
From: LIMF, Italy
Posts: 36
No problem!

Fixed, I only needed the formula "($ + 5000) /12.65", I didn't know how to calculate it.

I found this 0BC0 offset with a google search that sent me back to your forum, but where I find these offsets there is a document, I have not found anything on PMDG and FSUIPC, perhaps I have not searched well, tell me where to find them.

Thanks, you are always the best
2020-06-04 15:16
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3527
This is a special thing.

You can not "find" it in a list cause its not exisitig (That value is not supported by PMDG) .... So if something not exist we need to try to rebuild it.

1. Find a Offset that "can" maybe work..... By searching the FSUIPC Offset List for "Trim elevator"
You will get the hit : "0BC0 2 Elevator trim control input: –16383 to +16383"

2. Check if Offset act to our situation.....
Simply turn the PMDG wheel while you readout the Offset. Here i see the Offset also Increase/decrease. So its pretty good.

3. Find out the Range.
Turn PMDG Wheel to lowest Point and check the Offset.... Its ~~ Minus 5000 ..... Turn to highest Point in PMDG and check again.... It´s 16383
Also check the PMDG Values.... It show ~~0 on lowest Point and ~~16.90 at highest Point.

4. Bring Value to always positive.
In case the PMDG Value is not negative we need basicly a positive Value all time.... -5000 is the lowest. So $+5000 result in a value that is "0" at lowest point now.
Result: PMDG 0 = Offset 0 ...... PMDG 16,90 = Offset 21383 (Original 16383 and +5000 from Formula=21383 )

5. Divide the Offset to know how much is used for 1,00 Value in PMDG
21383/16,90= ~~1265

6. Sort it into a formula and bring it in a logical sequence
Offset Value /1265 = PMDG Value ..... In case we need a full number the result like 12,34 is not good we ould need 1234 .... So we must multiply by 100 OR we must device through 12,65 instead 1265..... And thats it !


You will find some other spots in the future where no Offset exist directly ..... There the same logic is used.
Always check the Offset if it basicly work in the situation ....Research the Limits ..... Find a logic.... Build a Formula... and test the Result !
Good Luck !
2020-06-04 18:42
From: LIMF, Italy
Posts: 36
Thanks @pizman82 I understand everything, the next settings will be easier to do.

efficient as always!
see you soon. Bye
2020-06-05 10:12