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Is it possible to daysi chain two 7 segment for Flight Altitude and Landing altitude?
But then how do you program to put in the two different Offsets,
is it so simple that you just make two output lines with different offset after you have set device pins and num to 2

And another thing: I have reinstalled MF connector in directory D: But still first time I start it it takes about 10 sec to start and then show both Modules and FSUIPC Status as yellow.
It is then open for about 15 sec before it close it self.
Next start it pops up imidiately and works ok with both green.
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2020-05-06 15:42
From: ETSI, Germany
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About the Connecting Problems.

This sound already like a MEGA Problem or more logical a USB Problem.
I know this awnser is not perfect but maybe check for Windows Updates or for uptodate USB Drivers.

Maybe you also can figure out the problem by testing. Use a other USB Cable ..... Use a other USB Port..... Wait 2 Mins after systemstart then connect the Mega and wait another 1-2 Mins before you start. Its possible a backround process of windows maby block the ports.
As i said in past another idea is to reinstall the Mega by EEPROM Clear sektch for a try.

About Displays.

Your Config Logic stay the same whatever you use a Chain of 2 Displays or 2 Displays single..... Only the "adress" of the device is change.

So you need again TWO Configs for that 2 Displays..... The first read the Offset of FLT Alt.... the other read LDG Alt.

With 2 Single Displays ( Max Chips) each is a own device....
For example the fisrt is called "Disp1" and is set to pin 20,21,22 ( Num1)
The Second call "Disp2" and is set for example 25,26,27 ( Num1)
Here you say in Config1 for FLT Alt it should use "Disp1" You choose the correct diggits and thats it ( No Num selection must be done cause this Device include only one display)
Same for LDG Alt... Here you use "Disp2"

With a Chain we set BOTH Displays in a row ( Wires go from Output Disp1 to Input Disp2) Only Disp1 is connected to the Mega
Here in Display Setting you say for example Name " Displaychain1" and use Pin 20,21,22 .... BUT here you say NUM 2 cause there are two in a row.
In the Config 1 for FLT you now use as Device "Displaychain1" and you set in the right Dropdown what display ( 1 or 2) you like to use... Lets say Nr.1
In Config 2 for LDG Alt you again use as Device "Displaychain1" but here you choose from dropdown the second Display in that row.

In easy words: If you use a Chain then all Displays in that chain are combined to ONE Device..... But with dropdown you can choose one of the "Sub Displays" . For the Config itself there is no change.... Same like with single Displays !
Good Luck !
2020-05-06 16:24
Posts: 62
I will try and in time I will succeed.
I love MF

2020-05-07 13:51