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Hello everyone! I am working on building a C172 panel and have a question regarding the event ID's for the RealityXP Garmin GPS units. The GNS430W has a button on the left hand dual encoder to swap between the unit's Com and Nav radios. In my setup these would be Com 1 and Nav 1. What (if any) is the event ID called for the push button to switch from Com1 to Nav1 and back again? I couldn't seem to find anything in either the GPS or Radio event IDs. Is there anything special I should be keping in mind since I'm using the RealityXP version of the GPS and not the X-Plane version? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
2020-05-03 17:16
From: ETSI, Germany
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Your idea not work directly.

"EventID" is a Part of FSUIPC and work only for P3D and FSX.
For Xplane Mobiflight work instead with XPUIPC ..... And that tool NOT support EventID in there current form.

Whatever also in XPUIPC exits somthing simmular like "commands" . But they are not included automaticly and can be found in a list!
Means you must findout the correct command (name) by research and then you must include it by writing some lines of Code in the xpuipc Config File.

Basic Idea:
With Mobiflight you choose a Empty Offset and you toggle it for example to 1 or 0 with a Button ... For example Offset 66C0 1 Byte
In XPUIPC you write a code that say "Observe Offset 66C0 1 Byte INT..... And on every change of that Offsetvalue please execute the comand "ABC" with parameter "xxx"

Please check the other topics here in XPLANE Subforum.... That was still explaned in the past multiple time.
Or maby your lucky and a Xplane User here can help directly..... Myelf i´m out cause i not own XP !
Good Luck !
2020-05-03 19:53