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Posts: 13
Nice ! I just do as told and now all leds are turning on !!!!
Thank you very much .
Only one thing . I can notice that one of the two leds is a little bit dimm than the other .
But honestly is not that much to worry about .
Flavio Beruben
2020-04-28 00:49
From: EDDG, Germany
Posts: 1525
Hi Flavio,

the effect of the different brightness comes from the scattering of the components. On the one hand, the resistors have a tolerance, depending on the specification (golden ring 5%, silver ring 10%), on the other hand, as previously mentioned, the LEDs have different operating voltages.

With the LEDs you can e.g. check optically with a constant current source (also LED tester) and use the resistors instead of the normal carbon film resistors (silver or gold ring) with metal film resistors (black ring), which only have a tolerance of 1%. If you know here what value you need (220, 270, 330 Ohm) you can buy 50 pieces of it - then only cost about 2.50 €. Larger quantities are then even cheaper per value. In terms of performance stability, it is sufficient if the resistors have 0.25 watts.

If you don't have one yet, it makes sense to get a digital multimeter. That does not have to be expensive, for household use it is enough if it is in the price range of 40 - 60 euros. As is often the case, there is no upper limit. Before you want to spend more, you should get advice, either here or directly at the local dealer.
2020-04-28 13:36
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