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Hi to all,
first of all thanks to the MobiFlight team for giving us this fantastic tool.
I have already used Mobi with FSX successfully, now I'm trying to use it with X-Plane 11.
I managed to configure all the functions implemented in XPUIPC, and also to customize some of them in XPUIPCOffsets.cfg.
Now I'm going crazy trying to configure some commands of the 737-800, the default one, I mean those that use rotary switches to select a mode, for example:
For the latter I tried to define some "Command" and "Offsets" but only one allowed me to read the mode.

I created:

Dataref AP_Bank_Angle sim/cockpit2/autopilot/bank_angle_mode int
Offset 0x6510 UINT8 4 rw $AP_Bank_Angle

With this in Mobi I can display the selected bank with values ​​from 2 to 6.

I've tried with:

Dataref AP_Bank_Angle_pos laminar/B738/autopilot/bank_angle_pos int
Offset 0x683B UINT8 4 rw $AP_Bank_Angle_pos

With this I could see with "DataRefTool" that the value varies from 0 to 4 but I can't see it in Mobi.

I tried to configure a command to use two pushbuttons for up and down:

Command 0x683B UINT8 1 0 laminar/B738/autopilot/bank_angle_up _1 1 laminar/B738/autopilot/bank_angle_up
Command 0x6837 UINT8 1 0 laminar/B738/autopilot/bank_angle_dn _1 1 laminar/B738/autopilot/bank_angle_dn

No way:

My purpose is to use rotary switches for those functions.

I read all the documentation found online, the tutorials on this website, the Commands.txt and DataRefs.txt files of the Plugin, at this point I am a little confused:confused: :confused:

Could someone please help me?

Thanks and regards
2020-02-27 16:18
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I switched to SimVim.
Thanks anyway for the ”no answer”.
2020-03-27 14:49
From: ETSI, Germany
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Sorry. Sometimes i miss some topics. Whatever i would not be able to help you here, cause i not work with Xplane myself.
In case lots of People use MF also for Xplane and have trouble i agree with you.... Other Programms that are designed for Xplane directly are maby more comfortable as Mobiflight!.

One personal note.... Maby not objective, cause i not like Xplane myself :|

You still say Mobiflight work fine for FSX .... So it work technical same way for Xplane, too. The big Problem that occure for all user here is that XPUIPC Software is working poor and is no longer supported by its programmer.
Technical its not the Job of Mobiflight Comunity to teach the users how they can rework XPUIPC Config File to implement that stuff.....
So its also not the "fault" of Mobiflight if a element can not be controlled.... The "badboy" is XPUIPC that not include this! As you said... If there is a exsiting Offet then Mobiflight work fine and do what it should.

Supporting that is the Job of the XPUIPC Comunity. Whatever basicly it would be the Job of the XPUIPC Programmers themself to implement missing Offset and release every 4 weeks a new Update so the User can work with it like with FSUIPC.

Summary... Sorry i miss your posting.... Hopefully your cockpit work fine with other System ! B)
Good Luck !
2020-03-27 18:52