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Is it possible to use more than one program of the MF Connector to separate different panels?
If you have a lot of mega boards it will be a long line on that page if using only 1 MF connector to build fwd overhead, so therefore the question.
I am using P3D v4 and PMDG 737NGX and NGXu
2020-03-23 12:53
From: EDDG, Germany
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Hi Henning,

you can only run one instance of MobiFlight. But MobiFlight can handle up to 100 Mega modules (if your pc can).
Handle the second like the first Mega. Flash the firmware, define the devices, make configs, save the files. Same with the 3rd, the 4th and so on.

If your NGX and the NGXu use the same EventIDs/Offsets you can use the same setup for both. The different ones can be on a separate mega and in a separate config file.
2020-03-23 13:23
Posts: 109
Thanks Stephan
2020-03-23 13:58
From: ETSI, Germany
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Additional Information....

Its correct that you can run only ONE instance of Mobiflight in your System..... BUT You can theoretical run mutliple "Mobiflight`s" if you use multiple Systems (Computers).
MF work fine over Network ( Registred FSUIPC and Payware WideFS is needed). So you can theoretical run Mobiflight one time on every Computer in the Network.

BUT Normaly this is not needed and make no sense finaly.

About tidness.
Basicly we still ask Sebastian for a more logic System here.... Maby a "tree" with Sub-Areas. But this is only planned for a complete new Release.... Maby for FS2020.

To solve the Problem
At the moment we can Sort the Entrys in MF Connector Window by click the upper Area.... Use Sort Alphabetic.
The tricky Key is to use Config Names with a Alphabetic Logic.... For Example start every Config Name with a 2-3 Character Code like "ABC"
First Character is for example a "O" for Overhead and so on..... Second is the Element.... For Examle "E" for Electrical Panel
With this Trick all Config of This Panel Start with "OE" and are listed together.... Whatever if there real sequence is different.
Good Luck !
2020-03-23 18:25