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Hi, I am trying to connect to XPUIPC (i tried downloading XPUIPC and also XPUIPC I read your guide and tried to run, but XPUIPC continue not connecting.
I found that maybe have to change the ip of the connection of XPUIPC. With ifconfig command I found two IPv4 ips. One for LAN adapter ( and other that said Ethernet VirtualBox Host-Only Network ( This last, I suppose is generated when install VirtualBox (but it doesn´t been running now). I tried with this two ips and when enter to Xplane 11 seems that connect fine xpuipc because it doesn´t give me any error log, but then when I go to mobiflight never connect to XPUIPC (continue the warning image).
I tried loading first mobiflight and after open Xplane. Also open mobiflight like administrator and nothing works. Could you help me?
2020-03-07 02:29
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Ok, I finally could connect to XPUIPC. I told what I think that solve the issue for someone that could be in the same situation.

I finally use the IPv4 Lan adapter of Wi-Fi number. In my case
Also, the first time that I tried, I configured all the environment (XPUIPC, Mobiflight and disable others plugins) without restart my pc. I tried to run with the fourth different configurations of runs ([xp11 admin, mobiflight admin], [xp11, mobiflight admin], [xp11 admin, mobiflight], [xp11, mobiflight]) and nothing happends. After shut down my computer and turn on again it run fine running mobiflight like admin.

I think that my problem was not restart the computer. But I had a lot of headache and time. So, I write here the simple solution and hope that somebody helps.
2020-03-07 03:33
From: ETSI, Germany
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Using Networkadresses is a own thematic....
And Yes.... Mostly a restart is the best solution for 99% of problems.

About the Admin Mode....
Here we have a "official" recomendation..... Simply use the SAME Situation for both, Sim and Mobiflight.
So Run BOTH as Admin or BOTH as non admin but NOT a mixup within these two aplications.
I personaly recommend to use Admin Mode but Sebastian says it should also work with "non Admin" ASLONG both Systems are Non Admin then.
Good Luck !
2020-03-07 10:11