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Hi at all,
i start today a new project with A320 jeeheel software.
I noted tha in the list supplied with the suite there is no lvars or list to assign to UNLK and GEAR lights in autobrake module.
All others offset in the same module like DECEL LO MED MAX, HOTFAN is well detect in the PFD documentation, but the three gears leds no trace :(
Someone have just found discover which ffset need to them?

O tried with general fsuipc landing gear, but i think there is a bug in gear landing moving offset, it bring the same offset of gear etracted
and work both together with extracted gear.

thank you to help me,

2020-03-04 18:26
From: ETSI, Germany
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Pleae check again your Jeehell Offset List.... Maby the needed Data is already included. ( Not know this fact.... Please research youreself)

If NOT then you have 2 options.

1. For special things that need be readout directly from Jeehell we can use "SIOC".... Normaly this is used to display data to for example 7Seg and LED via OpenCockpit Boards.... But we can also write those Data via SIOC Software to FSUIPC Offsets.... And finaly we can read this Offets via Mobiflight. ( See it like a Bypass Compiler)

2. In case of Gear Lights it is finaly more profitable to use Standard FSUIPC Offsets maby ( As you still think about)

The needed Offset is listed in Standard FSUIPC Lists.... And also as i know via Preset In Mobiflight.
Your Right.... All LED ( Red and Green) have the same Offset..... The Value is the key.

Green for example must be light if Offset Value of Gear Status shows DOWN .... You must test yourelf how Jeehell handle this. Maby its 16393 exactly..... Maby not. You ned to find out by testing . .... So you need maby Compare entry like IF Value = 16383 THEN 1 ELSE 0 ..... Then LED light only if Gear is Down

For the RED Lights , the logic is different.... Here they must be OFF if Gear is UP or DOWN but should light if it´s moving.
Here we use SAME Offset but now comare for example say IF Value = 16383 THEN 0 ELSE $
Then 0 (UP) is still 0 ..... And DOWN ( 16383 ) is also 0 ... all between is not zero and will light the LED.

Summary.... Check if Offset is included.... if NOT use the standard Stuff. If not possible use SIOC.
Good Luck !
2020-03-04 19:29