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a strange thing is happening to me as soon as a new card is inserted.
I have correctly connected inputs and outputs with numbers ranging from 2 to 22 and from 26 to 44.
In the devices I see some pins not available among them while I notice numbers that go from 52 to 69!
until 22 everything seems ok, but then inexplicably what is connected from 26 is actually pin 32 and so on ....

can you give me some help?
Many hanks
2020-02-10 20:54
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3857

Sorry my friend..... Maby it a translation issue.... But i not understand the nature of problem.

What Pins are not available ??? When does this happen ???

At first please explane me more detailed WHAT is happen exactly !

If possible please give me a "step by step" tutorial to reproduce a problematic situation...... OR Send me a file (mfmc) i can download and copy to a board to reproduce the problematic situation.
Good Luck !
2020-02-11 22:54
Posts: 84
Hi, thank you everytime for your precious help.

I added a new MEGA2560 board by connecting 41 pins respectively between inputs and outputs. obviously I first mapped the inputs and outputs writing to me what the pin corresponds to each button and each led (as I always do).

I state that I had not seen the new release of mobiflight 7.8 (my fault) that now the list of pins available has been expanded up to 69 so it's not a problem.

Basically my problem is that I added inputs and outputs starting from pin 2 up to 41.

Pins from 2 to 21 have no problem but, starting from 22 the button assigned to 22 sees it as 24 and so on they are all moved forward by 2 positions. Yet the position is correct. (the inputs from 27 to 31, on the other hand, do not even see them in the assignment phase, yet they are verified and tested as functioning).

The assignment and operation of the LED or the cmq button is not compromised even if they are not actually in the exact position.

2020-02-12 15:18