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From: ROME, Italy
Posts: 70
Good evening dear friends;
a few days ago I also completed my overhead and used 12 mega cards;
I have also solved my old card feeding problems and now everything works well after about 30 hours of flight tests.
thank you all for this.
now I have started building my FULL MOTION structure.
for the moment I will deal with the PITCH.
the vertical movement of the base will be with the use of a single effect pneumatic piston and the nose will therefore have an adequate weight.
I took the OFFSET PITCH from the list, I connected a small SERVO for testing and it moves in line with the attitude of the plane.
to turn this into a pneumatic (inexpensive) system I thought the following:
I intend to take the 2 terminals of the servo motor power supply; with a bridge of diodes the 2 directions of rotation will energize 2 relays which will control the entry and discharge of air into the piston.
I will replace the potentiometer of the SERVO with another that will be integral with the movement of the structure.
in this way I will only use a small servo to control (indirectly) the PITCH position of my structure.
if it works i will do the same with ROLL and YAW.
what do you think of my idea?
I must specify that I have a good knowledge of pneumatic systems and I will have no problems finding the material.
As always, thank you for everything.
MF - simply wonderful !!
2020-01-12 19:55
Posts: 101
Full Motion is very tricky. It is not possible take all axis values from the plane and set this 1:1 to your sim and hope for real feelings. A full motion sim does not simulate real axis values but simulate g forces. To do this you need about 5 axis and a program that handle the movements. To simulate g forces allways several axis are involved. If you ever saw a full motion sim you know what I mean. They don´t move like a plane.


if it works i will do the same with ROLL and YAW.

Imagine, a standard 30° turn and without the real gravity forces could be a very uncomfortable flight. You have to fight with your chair not falling out.
May it´s funny to read out the attitude from the sim and use this for movements, but keep in mind you never will get any real result. But just for fun, why not.

2020-01-15 00:28
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 4647
I agree.

In this point we need to think about why a Full Motion Sim, used by real Companys like Lufthansa costs a few millions of Dollars. Instead a Certificated CRM Trainer ( Real Optics, all Equipment simulated but without Movement) is available for much less monney.

Whatever.... The biggest problem in this case are the physics. Professional AddOns give us nearly complete Data for everything. In Theory the Electrical Monitor can show a change of Voltage if you just activate the Backlight of overhead Panel cause this LED Light will need power..... And also a AddOn can calculate Fuelflows like real Aircrafts if they got a good formula.... BUT the "Physics" are limmited to the Simulated World.
And here P3D/FSX are verry Poor as i know. Xplane is a bit more realistic but also miles away from the reality ( Simply cause for fun Flights and instrument training its not needed )
Just a funny note..... Prior FS9 the world in Sim wos flat and not a ball..... It was not possible to overfly the Northpole :w00t:


I will say "lets wait" .
MS FS2020 suprise us every week with new features we never think about in the past. The new Weather System is more complex like every Payware AddOn and as i heard also more complex as in Professional Company Sims today.
Same with many other features.
So hopefully.... Also the Physics like gravity, centrifugally and Gforces are more complex as ever known.... And finaly if those Raw Values exist in the Sim then they can be readout, too.

Summary.... I would wait a bit before you go this big step until FS2020 release.... Finaly the mechanics make only sense if you have raw data to show.
Good Luck !
2020-01-15 08:34
From: ROME, Italy
Posts: 70
Good morning dear friends.
thanks for your reflections and advice.
I probably have not explained well what I intend to do.
I don't intend to build a FULL MOTION platform like those of professional simulators.
it would be too expensive and difficult to implement.
of course, as Gemu said, roll is a different problem.
when the plane flies in turn there are no lateral accelerations.
however I believe that the outputs that are provided by the system are sufficient to be processed even with a separate electronics.
a lot of experimentation will be necessary but I believe that even without 6 DOF I can get a good effect.
thanks for any further advice and reflection from all of you.
MF - simply wonderful !!
2020-01-16 10:55