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Posts: 80

Multiple things reply :-)

I tried the PMDG offset for "batselector" - 6475 - without success. I'll take another look at it in case I missed something. For now 66C0 works fine.

I have always used No. 1: "standard state" - and have a saved "cold and dark" and "runway ready" mode. It is the easiest way for sure.

The sequence issue is relatively easy to fix in the interim. I duplicated my top most offset, and created batstate at the very top of my list. Now it doesn't matter what I "add" in the future that needs this config. If anything, it would be good to be able to re-order the list, probably useful in any case, as the list becomes longer and longer. Maybe that's a suggest for Sebastian.

About dashes. I had an interesting extra problem. My GRD and APU switches are attached to a Bodnar board, not Mobiflight. So, I used the TRANSFER BUS annunciator as the 'input'.

e = TRANSER BUS annuciator (left)
b = batstate

Transform: if(e=1&b=1,99999,$)

IF: $=99999
Set it to: -----
Else Set it to: if(e=0&b=1,$,' ') … ie, 5 spaces

I know this not ideal (I need to confirm the relationship between the left and right transfer bus annunciators and power states in the real Boeing 737), but in some way it's good, because this translates automatically to power off for any of the systems (APU, GEN 1 & 2, GRD). Maybe using annunciators in this way is preferred.
2020-01-13 07:51
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3322

Let me say.... I´m impressed ! Only verry advanced Users ( who normaly not write in this forum, cause they not need any support) working with this complex formulas....
I not write that to avoid confusion..... But you still find out youreself that you can also use Variable Placeholders in the Compare Tab additional to Transform line.

You see..... The 'text' syntax is verry verry powerfull to create nearly every thing we need for a Display !


About the sequence order....

I will request to Sebastian for that. We talk about that long time ago..... A "subfolder" System to group configs and also a drag and drop to move configs would be verry helpfull !
Advanced Users at the moment still use a TextEditor like "Notepad++"
The sequence of ConfigLines is simmular to the saved Code in *.mcc file. .....
So if you like to Move a Config from behind to first position e.g. you open the mcc file.... Copy the whole config entry... Delete the old one and paste it at the new position.
Just get sure you got a clean syntax..... Thats why i recommend Notepad++ Here the lines are more tidy and logical.


About the BUS.
Here i never think about before and not know that these Displays must show Dashes in case of a special Power Situation. (Thought it would be simply Blank if Bat is OFF and show value in all other cases)
So i can not tell you when it must show dashes cause i not know the indication.
But sure.... If you know it you can use those Offsets to build a 100% correct logic.


About BAT Selector
I still think these Offset is more logical like a Custom Offset.....
Maby you need to check the "position" in that case.... It got value " 0=OFF - 1=BAT - 2=ON" So its not BOOL.... It can be 0,1,2
So here "If(a=1,99999,$)" is maby wrong cause "1" is BAT and not ON..... Simply try "2" here.... You must just figure out how this Offset work and what value is good for you !


Last Hint.... For more complex things.

Maby you already explore youreself..... You can use the Placeholder Logic also to "exclude" difficult Calculations in a other Config ( I will call it "CalculationConfigs")

For example you need to check Both Transfer BUS annunciators if both are ON ( Additional to Bat State and other things) for your final config
So you can "Exclude" this in a fake Config.

Config1 : Read BUS Left
Config2 : Read BUS Right

Config3 : Fake Config .... Have no Offset ( 0x0000 ) and use Placeholder "a" (Bus1 Config) and Placeholder "b" ( Bus 2 Config) Transform : if(a=1&b=1,1,0)
(So it have Value "1" if both BUS are ON or have Value "0" if one or both BUS are OFF )

Config 4 : The Display Config that include Bat Logic and BUS Logic ..... But here you not must use Placeholder for both BUS Offsets.... You can now use the "Config3" as Placeholder that include already the BUS Logic and is simply 1/0 as you need it.
With this system you can build extrem complex logics and IF/ELSE Functions with endless numbers of Indicators.

For your System..... You could include the "Dash Indication" compeltly in a "Fake Config" and use this 1/0 state as a single Placeholder in the final Display Config !
Good Luck !
2020-01-13 14:15
Posts: 80
Thanks for that very useful hint regarding the use of a "fake config". I guess there are many ways to skin this cat.

2020-01-13 14:47
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