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hello, i have some problems with preconditions, i have been able to make a precondition bettween the instrument light and the batterry master switch, the lights will not turn on until the battery switch is in on position, its work fine, but now when i try to make a precondition with the electrical failure it doesnt work, maybe is the offset, i am using 3BDD, i dont know if that is the correct one, or maybe i am not setting it up well. Any tip or advice will be greatly appreciated.
2020-01-07 21:29
From: ETSI, Germany
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I never work with that offset.....
I think basicly this is also a quetion of AddOn. Like PDG pretty sure not use "standard" failures..... It generate the failures internal in it own software.
Maby for Standard Aircrafts ( And some AddOns) this Offsets (3BD6 and follow) are useable.

Now question is.... Do you make a mistake with your Preconition..... OR.... Does this offset simply not work in your situation.

Testing is simple.....

Open a new MCC File for testing.
Create a Output Config ( No device like LED are needed.... we just use it for find out correct data.
Use Offset : 6BDD 1 Byte INT ( No BCD, No special Bitmask .... All other settings as standard) .
RUN Mobiflight and Sim
Get the Mobiflight Connector Window on your screen so you can see it.
Now create a situation in SIM where a Electrical Failure is happen.
Finaly Check the readed Value in Mobiflight windows ( Rigth of the Config in the FSUIPC Column )

If the Value turn from 0 to 1 THEN the Offset is working fine.
If Value stay at 0 then you can not use it..... Maby you not create correctly a electrical failure OR the Failure is not "standard FSX" and is done by your AddOn.

Summary.... If Offset work fine then your Preconditon Logic is wrong. If not you need to find a other indicator or accept this Element is not possible to build.
Good Luck !
2020-01-08 04:03