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So prosim737 outputs the characters N,E,S,W as 1,2,3,4

I've applied a comparison setting so that for the left character if =1 set it to N otherwise set it to S

This works really well, except when you change from PPOS the characters should disappear and prosim737 sends a -1

Usually I would make a comparison setting that if =-1 set it to " " and the character disappears

Is there anyway to be able to do both, if=1 set it to N otherwise set it to S and if =-1 set it to " "

I've also tried a precondition that the Left IRS number must be greater than 09999 for the character to display, it works on the first run but if I turn the switch back, the precondition shows it working but the 7segment still displays the character
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2019-12-31 04:46
From: ETSI, Germany
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This is a bit advanced and i can not guide you directly without knowing the complete ProSim Logic....... But i think i can help you.

As you already know..... the Comare Tab allow directly only ONE Action.
IF xxxx Then yyyyy Else zzzzz........ Bit you need If xxxxx then yyyyyy ElseIF aaaaaa then bbbbb Else zzzzz

Say in Compare
IF: Value = 1
ELSE: if($=-1,' ','S')

So... If Value is 1 it will use THEN field and write "N" ...... If Not the ELSE field come allive..... And here we got a self written IF Condition
That say " If Value is -1 then write " " ( Space sign) if NOT ( So value is not 1 and also not -1 then it will write "S"
NOTE: the ' sign is used for STRING Outputs Characters ( Syntax is 'TEXT' )

If E and W are also possible maby you need in ELSE field.....
if($=2,'E',if($=3,'S',if($=4,'W',' '))) ----- This will include E,S,W and Space....... N is already don e by the Then field.

At least.... i not understand the system with "greater then 09999 at IRS Left..... Please eyplane again more detailed.
Good Luck !
2020-01-01 02:26
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Ah I didn't realise you could do full syntax in those fields. I'll give it a try
2020-01-01 08:47