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Is the autosync still a function in the software? Can't find it anywhere

We also need the ability to set preconditions for an output as an input.

As in the annunciator will only turn on if the precondition of an input is triggered. Right now you can only have precondition outputs for outputs and precondition inputs for inputs
2019-12-31 04:32
From: ETSI, Germany
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I not work with up to date version (7.8) myself cause i´m verry bussy and will start cockpitbulding et next in february......
But i would be wondering if Sebastian remove this tool.
Please check INPUT Config.... And "Typ" field.... There must be FSUIPC Offset, Event ID, PMDG Event ID, VJOY, Lua Macro and also "SYNC"
If not please reply... then we check this fact.

About Preconditions.

A Preconditions is basicly always a Value of a existing Output Config. that hardcoded and will not be changed in the near future..... But with "Custom Offsets" we be able to also use a Switch State as a Precondition.
Please tell me a simple example WHAT you like to build.... Then i can tell you if its possible and guide you how to make it.
Good Luck !
2020-01-01 02:12
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There is no sync in the list
There is a 'retrigger switches'
Tried that one and it worked perfectly!

The main precondition for me regarding this is switching the IRS DSPL SEL switch to PPOS it will display the characters, if it's in another position it wont
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2020-01-01 08:46