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Testing MobiFlight I found that "Button" cannot use a PushButtonSwitch in this way: with the first press it activates a function, with the second press it deactivates it (ie like the Caps Lock of the keyboard, and like all the keys of the Auto Pilot).
Is there any way to do it?
Thank you.
2019-12-21 18:12
From: EDDG, Germany
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hi MustangMig,

a PushButtonSwitch is a paradoxon. Either you have a PushButton or a Switch. A PushButton is a momentary contact and a Switch is a latching contact.

A PushButton you can take if you have a toggle event i.e. gear up/down. A switch should be taken for la latching event like logo on/off, so that you can see he state of the switch position.
Using PushButtons in the way you intend, you need two PBs for every event. 1st PB is to switch a function on, the second PB to switch it off. In that case you should left the ON RELEASE section free.
2019-12-21 19:04
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Hi Stephan,
I thank you for the explanation, which I already knew, what I don't know well is English, so I have to trust the Italian-English automatic translator.
I am going to build my third HomeCockpit (Citation Mustang by Flight1).
My first Cessna 172 HomeCockpit was this:
My second was always Cessna 172, but much more sophisticated than the first.
As you can see from the video, the solution you offer me of the two PushButtons for each event, unfortunately, is not practicable, because in a HomeCockpit the sense of realism and operability equal to the real plane would be completely lost.
If MobiFlight is in the running to become a valid alternative to dedicated electronic boards, it should absolutely implement a "PushButton" in the list of its DEVICES that works as I have already described (ie as the Caps Lock of the PC keyboard), because any plane is full.
I sincerely hope that this will happen soon ...
I thank you for your attention and Merry Christmas.
2019-12-22 12:16
From: ETSI, Germany
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buona giornata e saluti in italia

You missunderstand Stephan and a technical fact.

Like Stephan try to explane..... There exist NO "Pushbutton" .... Whatever you use a latching switch or a momentary "Pushbutton" Both are techical the same ( For Mobiflight and also for every other electronical system in the world).
The fact that a switch is latching and a Button is momentary is just "mechanical" .... But Electrical both are 100% identical.
So it is NOT possible to define a Pushbutton as a own device and make finaly no sense.

What you need is a TOGGLE..... And here Mobiflight support what you need (Aslong your AddOn Aircraft also support the needed System)

Toggle means..... A System that internal say.... IF Function is still ON the Input should set it to OFF ..... If not ( So Function is currently OFF) then set it to ON.

Most AddOn Aircrafts simply support those Inputs itself if they are logical ( So for Buttons in Cockpit that work Momentary in the Sim/Real Aircraft, too)

For example PMDG B737
Latching Switches work with a "Position Parameter" ..... You use a EventID and as Parameter "0" for OFF Position or "1" for ON Position.....
Momentary Buttons work with a "Toggle Parameter" and basicly not support the 0/1 Parameters..... Here you just send a "press" command and the AddOn Aircraft simply toggle the needed system ( If ON then OFF or Otherwise if OFF then ON)


Find out HOW your AddOn work here and what Input systems you use.

- If it is based on EventID then check if you got Toggle Events instead of ON/OFF Events here.
- If it is contrelled by Offset Writes then you need a IF Condition in the Config...... like if($=1,0,1) Then Mobiflight read the current status und set it to the opposit if needed.

If you need more help tell us the Imput System..... Then we try to guide you for a working config.
Good Luck !
2019-12-23 08:11
Posts: 26
Danke. Guten Morgen und viele Grüße nach Deutschland.
Of the two alternatives you have proposed, I must necessarily use PushButtons and not Toggles, otherwise the Autopilot could not work correctly.
I set the Button as you said, and it finally WORKS:
Config / Input / OnPress / FSUIPC Offset / Value if($=1,0,1)
OnRelease / None[/b]
Now I have to understand how the AutoPilot PushButtons interact.
Eventually I ask you again for help...
Could you please tell me where to get information on Value?
Thank you
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2019-12-26 13:11