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From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5571

1. I can´t belive you have reach the limit. As i know 3 way combinations are possible too, like ALT+STRG+X ... Also there exist multible Systemkeys like SHIFT, ALT, ALTGR STRG. That result in hundrets of combinations !

2. alternate ways....
- LUA PlugIn in Mobiflight. Use this "typ" of INPUT to directly fire a Macro.
- VJOY Plug In. Use This INPUT Typ (in combination with VJoy Software) to simulate hundrets of virtual Joystick Buttons that can be assigned in FSUIPC to a macro
- Virtual Joystick Buttions (288 Buttons) in FSUIPC (Offset 3340)
- Writing a Custom Offset ( Byte or Bit) that is observed by your Macro.... Then a write in this offset will run the macro.
Good Luck !
2019-01-02 05:17
Posts: 17
Hi inancatil:

hope you´re doing great.... is there a way you can share your LUA file?

I still do not how to work it thru,. what´s first...anyone can help with this?

first you write down the LUA file and place it in the modules file into FSX?

then go to mobiflight and create new inputs? BTW I had created a couples for default airplanes, for the HDG, CRS and ALT, I need new file correct?

what shuld be the action type, when I create the input?

then I need to go to FSUIPC?

please help.
thanks in advance.




What is the problem? Doesn't anything happen at all or do they just act weird?

Regarding to the SDK
1 = push, -1 = pull

So writing that to the LVar should give the same functionality as if you where pushing/pulling the button in sim?

In my lua I have infinite loop which checks offsets and Lvars value. If they are different , it writes offset value to Lvar. When you change between set and managed mod for heading, system goes crayz. It stuck in managed mod even it shows heading or it doesnt turn to selected heading etc. Now I am copy-paste Linda's airbus functions and assigning them to keyboard. It doesnt need infinite loop and also it directly change Lvar without offset. I am just writing the offset for displaying on Leds. For now testing goes well. Only problem is you will need a lot of keyboard commands to assign(For only heading I will need 6 different lua and keystroke). I will go on this way. If this will fail either , dont know what I will do :D

Anyway , is uncomplate lua file.

0x66C0 , 2 byte , mask value 0xFFFF , multiply by 1 / same for input. Use $+1 and -1 for value

0x66C6 and rest are same as speed.

0x66C8 , 4 byte , mask value 0xFFFF , multiply by 0.0054931640625 / for input , 4 byte , mask value 0xFFFFFFFF. Use $+182 and -182 for value

--Track mode
0x66D1 and rest are same as heading.
0x66D5 , 4 byte , mask value 0xFFFF multiply by 1 / 4 byte , 0xFFFFFFFF. Use $+100 and -100 for input.
0x66C2 , 2 byte , 0xFFFF , multiply by 100 / same as output. Value is $+1 and -1

0x66C4 , 2 byte , 0xFFFF , multiply by 1 / same as output. Value is $+1 and -1

0x66CE , if equals 0 , speed mod. if equals 1 , mach. use it for precondition

0x66CC if equals 0 , hdg. if equals 1 ,trk.

2019-02-21 01:20
Posts: 16
I know it is hard to believe that I have ran out of keyboard combinations to assign the macro to but considering I am mapping an entire CRJ700 cockpit Upper Panel, Center, Glareshield, FMC etc. middle console, yokes, etc. I am sad to report that I am in fact our of combinations. I would love to have a better understanding of the alternative methods you mentioned. Do you have any additional instructions, tips, etc. that can help me continue this project. Is there not a way to just assign a macro to a longer string of numbers/letters? If you opened this up to a few more char. it would solve the problem. Sorry for the late response. I had to pause the work on the CRJ and I am back on programming it.
2019-11-24 22:50
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