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Hi all,

Apologies if this has already been covered. A quick search revealed a couple of similar but unresolved posts.

I’m considering how to control the ‘blue’ overhead annunciators that have two levels of brightness. In the case of the fuel crossfeed valve, the annunciator glows more bright while the valve is opening (ie, moving), and then is dimmed while open and off while closed.

The idea is to use an annunciator with two separate LED circuits:

Control one of the two LEDs using the conventional PMDG offset.

Control the second LED using some sort of condition; “when the fuel crossfeed switch is activated, enable the LED for 10 seconds”.

Is the second option possible in the latest version of Mobiflight? I haven’t done a lot of conditional programming and any advanced configuration I have done in Mobiflight is many months behind me.

Any pointers gratefully received.


2019-09-27 03:27
From: ETSI, Germany
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NO. Not directly.

At first Mobiflight not work with "timers" . So its not possible to say " Do something for 10 seconds" .
Here Mobiflight is "stupid" .... It just show the value of the Offset.... Is it 1 then its ON is it 0 then its OFF.

The main Problem in this situation is PMDG. Here you see the difference from a 90$ B737 and a 1000$+ System ( Maby like Prosim but i not know if PS realy include this)
In Virtual Cockpit the LED is working in 2 states.... But PMDG export only ONE Status to the Offset. So i can not see if the value of the dimmed LED is realy existing OR if PMDG do the same like you planned for and build a little timer inside there code that simply say "light for 10 seconds". But summary..... We not be able to READ this status.

A "good" AddOn Aircraft would simply support that Data to a Offset..... And then we can read it.

About Hardware:
Here i agree. There will be also a way to work with one LED that is powered with 2 different lines (different resistors to have 2 different light levels) ..... But i think its more easy to simply connect 2 LED in the housing (1 bright 1 dimmed) and see it as 2 Outputs.

1. Check if a better AddOn support that data ( Only if you already like to invest a lot of money for a complete new Software)

2. Code Solution
Mobiflight only show the Offset Status ( And that is not existing here) ..... But with a Lua Script its possible to create a new Offset that do exactly what you like.
This offset say.... "Read Offset of Basic Function.... If Chage from 0-1 then write Offset X to 1 .... wait 10 seconds ..... Write Offset X Back to 0"
Finaly you read this Offset X by Mobiflight and controll the dimmed LED.

NOTE that those LED can have different situations.... Like same Dimmed status when turning off the main Function.... So all Conditions must be included in your "script" )
And finaly note that this is NOT realistic..... It is still a Dummy.... If Pump gets broke and you turn it ON your logik will light the dimmed LED ..... Caue the code not know its broke.

3. Hardware Solution
With electrical elements (timers, releais e.g.) you can build pretty sure a system that work..... But its advanced and not so multifunctional like a software solution.


Summary.... For a "Beginner" Cockpit we should simply ignore this little fact. If your Cockpit is so high professional that you like Everything 1:1 Real then think about a high End Software that simply include EVERYTHING and specialy also this dimmed LED Values.
Good Luck !
2019-09-27 11:43