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Hello. I write using a translator, so I apologize for the mistakes. I have 737 pmdg, and homemade mcp, in which I have arduino mega and mobiflight. I have a problem with the light test. Is there any way to synchronize the display flashes in the simulator and in the mobiflight program? because I can't find any offset that would read the value from the displays during the light test. best regards
2019-09-19 22:31
From: ETSI, Germany
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No not at the moment.

It is possible to make a lighttest simulation by a precondition.... So your Displays show for example "88888" instead of current value. But it is not directly possible to blink in same Frequency like in Sim.

We plan for a "blinking tool" in the future but that will also work for LED Only. i think there is no plan for 7Seg at the moment.

Improvisional Solution.

Basicly this can be done with a external script in FSUIPC..... But thats Advanced.

Internal in Mobiflight it will be possible maby to create a "1 Second Blink" so Display show 1 second 8888 and then 1 second Blank and again 1 Second 8888 and so on.
This 1 Second intervall is pretty much longer as the original sequence.
MABY there is aslo a way to make this in a shorter sequence but i not tryout that myself.

Here the key is to read the time Offset of FSUIPC ..... there is one for Full seconds ( this is used for the 1sec sequence) . There is another with a fraction that can show 1/18th seconds. "Maby" with this a higher blinking frequency is possible.
Good Luck !
2019-09-19 23:14