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:) Hi, I am new here :rolleyes:

Is there still the limit of 2 working LCD´s with I2l serial ???? ( 0x3B...0x3D...0x3E...0x3F...on SDA,SCL)

Or did somebody get more LCD´s with I2l serials working?

Kind regards,
2019-09-05 10:32
From: ETSI, Germany
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Welcome to Mobiflight ! :thumbup:

Your awnser ..... YES and NO

There is already a limitation of TWO Lcd Displays via IC2 ..... BUT ..... That limitation is just for ONE Arduino Mega.
So if you need more then 2 LCD Displays you can simply add another Mega to your System and create another 2 Displays on that.
So Technical with 100 Megas you can handle 200 Displays ;)

I personaly recommend finaly to "save" processor workload and not use more then ONE per Board. ( Whatever Mobiflight official support 2)
If you already need for example 3 Megas in your Project ( In case of 120 Pins for LED, Buttons and so on) then i recommend to "split" the Displays also over multiple Boards.
2 Pins each Board reserved for a IC2 Display is not a big deal.... And (for my opinion) this result in a more stable system !
Good Luck !
2019-09-05 11:11
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Danke! Thank you!
I was trying to programming my RADIO - Stack with Mobiflight. My old Arduino code was working perfect with FSX and P3D...but no Xplane.
Ok, understand, no problem, I must connect a other Arduino Mega for the left two LCD´s!

Is it possible to get a Mobiflight test version with open lcd hub to test more LCD´s on one arduino mega? Is the autor of Mobiflight able to do it???
Or he busy like god ;)

2019-09-05 11:30
From: NW of KPWK, United States
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You can change it in the firmwares source code and compile it for yourself. It consumes memory to keep the data structures on the Arduino. That’s the main reason to limit the number. I have not tested how stable things are if you use more than 2. It might work.
Have a great day!

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2019-09-05 18:24