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Hi Pizman

Found a 5v relay .

I will follow this .

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From: ETSI, Germany
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I will use a Link of a puplic picture.. Hope this explane the basics.

SP means Single Pole .... DP means Double Pole ...... NO means Normal Open ..... NC menas Normal Close ..... DT means Double Throw.

A ON-OFF Dual Switch ( 2 Pole) means DPST-NO
Here Upper Left and Upper Right Side is circuit A and Lower left and lower right is circuit B .
If Switch is in OFF Position both Lines are Open ( released)
Here Line 1 Upper Left go to GRD Arduino and Upper right go to PIN of Arduino where you set the Switch for Sim Controll.
And Line 2 Lower Left go to GRD Of Solenoid Power Suply and Lower right go to GRD Input of Solenoid working circle.
If you set switch to OFF then Both Lines are OFF ( So your Solonoid is unpowered cause Line to Cround is cutted.
If you set switch to ON then Mobiflight detect a "Press" via Line 1 ..... And Also Line 2 is closed and solenoid is powerd in case of closed GRD line.

A ON-ON Dual Switch (2 Pole) represent DPDT

Here its simmular basicly..... The difference is that we can define 2 sepaerate circuits for each line..... So the OFF Position can be a own system.
For the Solenoid powering this is no matter ( Here we again use only the ON Position of Switch for closing the circuit)
BUT Now we can controll TWO Input devices in Mobiflight with the Upper Line.
This is usefull in case we not need "On Release" for OFF..... And additional we get Release Commands that can be verry usefull to send commands a millisecond delayed.
In our example the Release of OFF Position still controll Simulator so it is already set to ON BEFORE the Solenoid get powerd when real switch reach the ON Position .
(Thats why i recommend a ON-ON Switch. Cause this "millisecond" can be verry helpfull ! )
EDIT: In case i not know the time line of the situation i not know if this is needed. Maby it also work perfect with a simple ON-OFF Switch 2 Pole !

The electrical system should be clear with the diagramm.
Upper Left = Arduino Ground
Upper Right = OFF Pin Arduino
Second upper Right is ON Pin Arduino
Lower LEft is GRD Power Suply
Lower Right Pin is GRD Line to Solenoid working circle.
The Pin above the lower right is EMPTY ( Cause we need no action on Solenoid Part in OFF Position)

I Hope you understand better now.
If not please write me a mail ...... prepare for longer reply time a.t.m.
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Good Luck !
2019-08-23 02:30