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I´ve 5 arduino connected to my PC. 4 of them, are for RADIOS, AUTOPILOT, GPS and one for a crono. The problem is that MOBIFLIGHT want to use all the arduinos and want to load the firmware in each one. That is a great problem.

With the last revisión of MOBIFLIGHT 7.4.0. when I executed Mobliflight.exe, never get the program running. I don´t know why, I´ll tried it as adminstrator and several times. Nothing. The result is that I´ve all the lights, gear flaps, etc,e tc in the arduino 2560 and it´s a great work to make the new SW for LINKS2FS that is a program that work for my needs without any problem. I have RADIOS and AUTOPILOT programed with it.

Please I need help for boths problems.

Best regards.
2019-08-18 16:13
From: ETSI, Germany
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That confusing me.

1. Latest Version of Mobiflight is 7.5.3 ... If you talk about 7.4 that is more then 2 Years old and multiple Master Updates was between that Version and today.
To have a simmular situation you should at first download 7.5.3 and test with this.

2. Are the boards ( 5x) Mixed between Link2FS and Mobiflight ? A Board can only be once at a time.... a Mobiflight Board OR a Other Board . If you flash firmware then the board can not be used for something else ( aslong you flash another firmware on it but then its not longer usable for mobiflight)

3. Can you confirm the Boards ( That was not detected) are work fine ( with another programm e.g.)

4. Do you have a Power Problem ? I got reports that a to low power support ( Maby while using Stepper motors in system) occure in missing boards.
So please check/confirm your electrical situation is good.... Maby test with external power or with empty boards ( no needed power) if situation is better.
Good Luck !
2019-08-18 16:35