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Posts: 7
First of all, great product and thanks for all the work you're put into it. This weekend I got my landing gear switch and lights working and it was a great feeling of accomplishment.

A couple of ideas for changes.

1) I think the default for the Active checkbox in the Mapping section should be checked, not unchecked. I forgot to check this box on a couple of times and spent time thinking I didn't set the other parameters correctly.

2) On the "FSUIPC" tab in the "Load Preset" section in the "Use preset" box, once you have selected a preset, it would be good if you display the name of the preset you've previously selected. Currently, when you reopen the FSUIPC tab the "Use preset" box is always blank

2019-04-21 18:52
From: EDDG, Germany
Posts: 1867
Hi Steven,

Welcome to MobiFlight!

to 1: You're the first to suggest hooking configs by default. I think the problem you have is the other way around. If the checkmark is not set by default, you can enter configs that you do not want to forget. If you put the hook here, then maybe there is no device for it and it comes to an error.
The "problem" must therefore be considered from both sides. I think the handling must also be intuitive and logical. So it is up to the user to check the box if he wants to activate the underlying config, as a last step, because all necessary steps have been taken to complete it. Hook it because done. Conversely, as you would like, a config would not be done yet.

to 2: You select an entry from a list here. Before you make this selection, you give a name for the corresponding config. Thus, here already hides what you choose from the list. To leave the list selection would be to double it.

I assume that Sebastian (programmer) reads this. He will then voice his opinion.
Stephan (Time: UTC+2)
2019-04-21 22:28
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

About 1 ....
For a "Beginner" your request is logical.... But as Stephan try to explane, this is not profitable. In example for me in most situations i need more "inactive" Configs as actives. Specialy if i test something for other users i mostly create 20 Configs in a row.... But i want just ONE Config active same time.
If you create configs while MF is running ( i do most time) then a "Auto activate" will be verry confusing..... It also can destroy Hardware if i build for example multiple configs for a servo.
Summary.... Point 1 ... I not agree.... this should be stay in current system. Trust me.... If you work some weeks with MF you will set the Checkmark intuitive.... Thats just a habit.

About 2
Here i agree. For "casual" Users this would be helpfull.
Advanced User will not use the Preset Tab.... They simply enter the Data themself.... For me i already know a lot of numbers by heart....
BUT: I also think about that at beginning and also think other Users with less knowledge will get into trouble here.

Not know the technical site if this can be implement in a easy way.... But i will vote for that. Thats usefull.
Good Luck !
2019-04-22 15:08
Posts: 7
Thanks for considering my suggestions and the responses you provides are very reasonable. As I transition from a new user to a more experience user I'm sure that I will rely less on the presets and enter my own data as you suggest in addition to experimenting with test configuration that I don't necessarily want to all be active.

Great software, keep up the good work !

2019-04-22 22:55
From: NW of KPWK, United States
Posts: 1516
I like suggestion #2 too, I created a feature request for it:
Have a great day!

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2019-08-07 23:01