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Hi there
The more I get into this program the more things I want to add to my panel
Have Just completed Carb Heat now
I am trying to set up a 7 segment display to show the flaps position on my C172 FSX panel
I have read the message #10696 posted last year but cannot get display to show anything when the flaps are changed
Display is displaying 00 and tests OK
On the Output tab I have it set to "Offset" 0x6568
Value Type Floating
Size of Bytes 4
BCD Mode ticked
What should I have in the Transform? and do I need an Input.
Any help suggestions would be great
After this I hope a 7 Diget display to show RPM I hope
2019-06-13 06:58
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 4647

Like always.... Give us more and correct informations !

You post this in the "FSX/FS9" Subforum..... Wo we can not know what Aircraft / AddOn you use.
The quoted Offset 6568 is from PMDG B737 ...... Do you use this Aircraft ? If Yes why you not post in the "PMDG" Subforum ??


If you like to try yourself to find a solution do the follow basic steps we recommend for all problematic Situations.

1. Open a new mcc File ( Just for testing)
2. Create a Output Config Line. Use the Offset you think thats correct ( For PMDG 737 you have the correct one) NOTE: BCD Mode must be OFF . A Float Value can NEVER be BCD. Also Note you need NO DEVICE in that config. This is just for research.
3. RUN Mobiflight and Sim.
4. Change the Function in the Sim ( Via Mouse or KEy Commands) In Your case simply run the Flaps.
5. Observe the Offset.... So check the Collumn right of your Config named "FSUIPC Value"

At first you see if this Offset is correct, when it change also corespondending to your Flaps actions in the Sim
You also see a Logic.... For example if Value go from 0-40 or for example in Stock Chessna from 0 to 16383.

Finaly You know the "logic" of the Offset.... Then you can think about the Output on the Display. If its from 0-40 may its already ok. If not you maby need a Transform , Compare or Interpolation to bring the Values into a format you like to show on your 7 Seg.
Good Luck !
2019-06-13 13:21
Posts: 68
Thanks for the reply pizman82
Have only just got back onto this and apologizes for the confusion:)
I had said I was doing a C172 on FSX but by referring to the offset 6568 I confused things
Any way issue solved Flaps indicator now showing on my C172 FSX panel on a 7 segment display
This is how I achieved it in case others want to know
I did as you suggested from items 1 to 5
I Observed the the Collumn right of your Config named "FSUIPC Value"
got the readouts which for me where position
flaps up =0
Flaps 10 deg readout 256
Flaps 20 deg readout 512
Flaps 30deg readout 768
FSUIPC Offset 0x0BFB 4 bytes no BCD or transform
I was not sure how to work out the Logic so what I did rightly or wrongly I used Compare Interpolation Settings set up like this
Input Value Output Value
0 0
256 10
512 20
768 30
with the "Apply Interpolation Settings" box ticked
Worked a treat straight away. So as I said maybe this will help another simmer
Ian:) :thumbup:
2019-06-26 10:28
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 4647
hhhm. Thats confusing.... Whatever it look like correct it isn´t... maby ????

Offset 0BFB not existin my List ..... (Maby you use P3D and FSUIPC 5 ..... Don´t have the list... Maby its correct there)

In FSUIPC 4 (FSX) it looks like this....


0BF8 - 4 Byte : Unlimited visibility value, as 1600* statute miles.
0BFC - 1 Byte : Flaps handle index (0 full up)
0BFD - 1 Byte : Anti-skid Brake active indicator, non-zero when active
0C00 - 1 Byte Right toe brake control: 0 – 200, proportional braking with timed decay

So it looks like your 0BFB ( 4 Byte INT) is a complete strange mixup.....
Sure it include the Flaps Data....
But it include also the last Byte of the visibility Offset.... The second byte is the real Flaps Handle Offset .... The 3rd and 4th Byte is Anti Skid Offset and a Empty Byte behind.

AGAIN: Maby you have another FSUIPC and Offset is correct in your system...... For me it looks WRONG !

By the Way.... We not like to see the "handle" Status we want the FLAPS Status.....
Check Offset 0BE0 and 0BE4 for "real" Flaps Idication !
Good Luck !
2019-06-26 14:22
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 4647
Additional Note:

I just test it Out..... The Handle Offset show Positions with full decimal Numbers.....

So if you correctly readout the single Offset ( 0BFC 1 Byte INT) then the output is "0" for Flaps UP .... "1" for 1/3 "2" for 2/3 and "3" for Flaps full.


Result: Your system works ( whatever it is completly wrong)
If Anti Skid get active or Unlimited Visibility Offset is different as standard ( So Byte 1 or 3 is not Zero like in normal Situation) THEN your Config get confused and stop working.

Summary.... Use correct Offset !

By the way..... Let me ask a question !

HOW do you come to Offset 0BFB 4 Byte ??? Do you read it somewhere ? I not understand how somebody could use wrong Offset... We all got the same Lists !
Good Luck !
2019-06-26 14:31