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I am aLso new here on the forum. My english is not that good also but i do my best
I am trying to make an MCP
I have programmed the 7-segment displays in arduino mega and with five Max7219 chips.
Everything works fine in FSX but in xplane 11 the offset 0C5E isn't recognised. That is the offset for the FO COURSE.
It returns instead the course off the captain.
The plane in fsx is the ifly 700-800ng and in xplane the ZIBO 737 800

Can someone give me a solution for that problem.

2019-05-13 19:24
From: ETSI, Germany
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This Offset is a "Standard" Offset . That means it is used for Standard Aircrafts that was delivered with FSX/P3D. If your lucky then a AddOn ( Like your Ifly) use also this offset.... But normaly that will not work and a AddOn use "own" Offsets.
In Xplane we need to work with the Data that XPUIPC give us.... I not test it (Not use Xplane) but normaly for Xplane Standard Aircrafts this Offset will also work.
Zibo can be different..... Same Rule like in FSX.... A AddOn "can" work with standard Offsets.... But it not have to !
Good Luck !
2019-05-13 20:40