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Hello Mobiflight
I am building a MCP panel to use with PMDG 737 & i am using 3 Nor. 2*16 LCD
Later i found that the maximum supported LCD is 2 per each Ardduino
Is there any near plans to support more than 2 LCD? i am trying to limit the use of second device.
Thanks and appreciate and support your work.
2019-04-20 00:10
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Here is a link to my plan for the MCP, it is not accurate but it will do the work for me
2019-04-20 00:15
From: ETSI, Germany
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There is no planing for that. In case most Displays are premounted and the IC adress is fixed ( Only by resolder and rework of Jumpers you can change) . So most Displays when you order multiple ones are all same adressed.... Using more like 1 Display per Board is a problem at all.

Then we think conservative .... For the MCP there is "normaly" no need for 3 Displays.
You can work with two....
D1 Line 1 = CRS Left ---- CRS Right
D1 Line 2 = HDG ---- SPD
D2 Line 1 = ALT
D2 Line 2 = VS
(Also you can use 4 line Displays, too if you need more Space)

Finaly most users here build "realistic" so they use 7 Segements instead a LCD like it showed in the real aircraft.

And last Note.... Working with multiple Megas is no problem. If you buy a 2-Slot USB Bridge you can use 2 Megas in your Box and have only One Cable (2 if you use external Power) for the Box.

My Recommendation.
Rework it for TWO 4x16 Displays. OR Use TWO 2x16 with upper logic OR Simply use 2 Megas and build like you plan.
Good Luck !
2019-04-20 07:31
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Thanks Pizman82
I will work my way with 2 Megas
2019-04-20 08:22