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Hi. I have been working on my A320 simulator in FSX, with FSUIPC offset, but it is not very complete for this type of plane. I met Jeehell and I can build the vast majority of parts of the A320, but I'm a bit lost

When downloading the Jeehell the offset fmgs is activated and connects with the fsuipc of fsx?
the programming of parts is the same in mobifligth, I mean a button and switch and diplay 7 sec or LCD?
If I download the Jeehell, will the information I currently have in the arduino and in the FSUIPC be deleted? or I can work in parallel creating another project with Jeehell

Does the Jeehell have their own aircraft or work with a standard plane or aerosoft?

I am new to the temay and all the help I can receive would be very grateful

2019-03-26 22:16
From: ETSI, Germany
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LOL :thumbup:

3 Requests in 3 different sub folders.... In theFirst 2 you not say you use jeehell..... Verry "helpfull" **ironic off**

Abaout question:

Every AddOn work different. You can normaly NOT use the same Offsets (Output) or EventId( Input) for different Aircrafts.

Here you need MULTIPLE Files in Mobiflight. Hardware is the same..... But the Config File you make your Entrys must be specific to the Aircraft.
so Creae for example a File like "fsx-Airbus.mcc" and a file "jeehell.mcc"
Then create every switch, led, display and so on in each config seperate. In the Stock you use Offsets from the A321 in FSX..... In the jehell Config you use the Jeehell Adresses.

About Jeehell..
This software support comunicaion with different Systems. For example SIOC, FSUIPC and so on. YOU must install the needed PlugIns. Without enable the FSUIPC gateway you will get no Data on the Offsets and you can not controll funtions in the Software.

Jeehell is just a Glascockpit. It have no "outside model" basicly. You can Download a Model on there page.... But you can also use a other model like Stock A321 or extremly also the Cessna (Whatever it looks strange if you fly it with 450 knts in 36.000 ft ;)


Summary. I high recommend to "learn" a bit more about the basics. this Forum here is to solve technical problems with Mobiflight and for creating configs here.
For Questions about functionalty of Jeehell you must write in the Jeehell Support forum !

EDIT: And Note.... your Questions about the Altitude Encoder and the ILS Button.... The awnsers are for Stock Aircraft. For Jeehell you must do another workflows. Read the Jeehell Manual first and download the Jeehell Offset list !
Good Luck !
2019-03-27 00:16
Posts: 33
I thank you very much, I want to make a good simulator and I am trying to understand the best way to do it

Garcias, a hug
2019-03-27 14:28