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I tried several times to set the ky-40 encoder to control altimeter with mobiflight but nothing work.
I have the fsx with fsuipc suscribed and arduino mega.
On the Fsuipc tab in use preset i selected General current altitude, is that correct?
What pin is left and right.
I,m using :
clk pin2
dt Pin 4
SW pin 8
+ pin +5v
Gnd to gnd

many thanks

2019-03-26 20:17
From: ETSI, Germany
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At first... This encoders work with Mobiflight.... Whatever they are to much difficult. For Standard encoders like the cheap "Alps" no 5v line is needed.

Abou your setup:

The ky40 have also 2 data lines like standard encoders ... clk , dt. I don´t know witch is used as left and rigth.... simply test if ! ON left must work on a leftturn.... if it´s inverted you must change this 2 pins on Mega.
The SW normaly is the Pushbutton of the Encoder.... GRD and 5v not need to be explaned i think !

Here you must know what AddOn you use. the "presets" are for Standard Aircrafts. If you use a AddOn then it can be different !... Also lots of AddOns use EventID instad. Find out before you start !

About your used Offset.
thats pretty sure wrong ! .... General current altitude. You can not change your Real Altitude with a Encoder. Thats the Raw Data for a Altimeter gauge !
I think you like to change the Autopilot Altitude or MCP altitude. Check for that.
Stock Aircraft its Offset 07D4 .... Or better EventID 65893 - 65892
Good Luck !
2019-03-26 23:57