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Hi guys,

Just began experimenting with Prosim737 and I am trying to get a X27.168 connected to a Easy Driver Board to work
via Mobiflight. As I understand the logic of FSUIPC I can just choose an offset in the free offset range
(I have chosen 06C0). I can make the motor move from inside Mobiflight so it seems that everything is working when it comes to hardware.

I have the 30 minute trial version of Prosim and P3D and Mobiflight running.
When starting the APU via the Prosim Panel the EGT in the panel is moving but my stepper is not reacting at all.
FSUIPC is activated in Prosim.
My settings in Prosim and Mobiflight:

2019-03-13 15:36
From: ETSI, Germany
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The Basic Workflow is correct.

Not work with ProSim already but i read the manual. So you Choose a Offset ( Of your choise) and you "write" the Data by this ProSim Configuration Tool
Mobiflight now Read the specific Offset and controll for example the Motor.

AT FIRST: I not understand the system of this 3 "Selctor Bars" in the Picture. What do you addjust with this 0, 1000 , 1100 Bars ? Maby a Mouseover Tooltip ? Can you explane me that ?


To find the Problem you should simply test a "easy" fact before you think about the most dofficult thing like a motor gauge.

So i recommend.... Find out if the Data Export of ProSim is work correct.
Use a easy BOOL function ( Maby the Flightdirector Status Light ) That should be simply BOOL 1/0 and use a 1 Byte INT for that.

Then Use Mobiflight to check this ( You not need a LED set to the Arduino) .... Simply create a Config (without device) Read this 1 Byte INT Offset and check the Mobiflight Connector Window in Output Tab ( While MF is RUN) .... In The Collumns "FSUIPC Value" and "Output Value" you should see a 0 ZERO. Then click the FD in Sim to On and check if value change.... Should get to "1"

If this NOT work then you must check your System.
Maby your FSUIPC is not correct installed.
Maby the Data Output is not available in the Free Trail Version
Maby you have to activate the FSUIPC Output by a checkmark or by editing the INI File somewhere.

If the Bool Offset is work but your Gauge will not work then we must observe the Value.
Maby this value is from 0,00 to 0,99 .
Mobiflight just see full numbers and ignore Floats behind the decimal.
In That Case a Transform $*100 for example can help.

In case i not know Prosim myself maby the FLOAT is wrong here. If the Value is still a INT then you maby must use INT here instead of FLOAT ( Is there a other Option in this Dropdown ?)

Please report experience. I will try to help if you can´t fix it.... But then i need more details.!
Good Luck !
2019-03-13 20:09