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Hello everyone! First of all I am a new user of MF and a have to say that it is mind blowing! Very simple and usefull software.
I recently purchased 3 arduino mega boards and started project on overhead panel for PMDG 777.
So far all is going well as i follow topics on this webpage.
However, i do have an issue with state of panel in sim not beeing synchronised with arduino board after strat up. Exapmle: battrey swich on my panel is switched on. After sim i started and after i hit run on the MF, battery switch in sim is still off. I have to reset arduino in order to bring panel state in sim same as hardware panel that i build.
Is there any solution how to synchronize sim panel with one that i build once the MF is running.

Thank You in advance
2019-02-26 13:39
From: ETSI, Germany
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This is normal.
Mobiflight is a software that "work on execute" .
That means Mobiflight see a Press or a release of a button .... and execute the command you define for that action. When you just startup the software you not press a button.... So there is no command set.

This problem is in most Homecockpits. Only some self programmed Hc´s got a "remote" system that check the simstatus and switchstatus permanent and sync in automaticly.... This is difficult and also create a lot of traffic.


1. Sync Function.
Mobiflight include a Sync function. You can define a button input in your cockpit for that. If you press this butten then ALL Inputs in your config send there status ONE TIME to the Sim and set all switches to the current status in the Homecockpit ( Search for SYNC to get guided)
NOTE: There is a technical problem with ON-OFF-ON Switches. Those can not be sync by this tool. If you like to use it you must set those Switches to the OFF Position before OR you build your cockpit with ON-ON-ON switches instead. Then the sync work perfect.

2. Use Startup State ( Thats the technic 99% of users do)
Create a State in your PMDG 777 and use the "Save Panel State" Function. For example Cold and Dark or Ready for take off etc.
Then when you like to fly Load the State (Or a save File with this state) and THEN port your plane to the Airport of your choice.
Basicly you like to start every fly from now always with the same Panel Setup !

Finaly you write a checklist that include every Switch ( Momentary buttons are no Problem) and you set your cockpit to this State BEFORE you startup the Sim.

2.a, Do the same like the Startup State BUT do it at the end of a season.... If you power down your aircraft after landing take your checklist and bring your Aircraft back to the Basic State.... Then its already ready for next seasson.

3. Use a LIVE State. ( Funny but problematic if you get a misstake)
Here you will see the Aircraft like it will exist in real. If you End your seasson you SAVE the current State ( That is sync at the moment) . You stop Sim and leave your HC ( Not touch anything now).
On Next seasson you LOAD this state. If you not move a switch meanwhile then the state in Sim is the same like in your cockpit.

Last Note:
This looks problematic... Whatever it isn´t. 90% of switches are "static" you will never use them like the "abnormal procedure" stuff in the Overhead.
Momenatry Buttons are also not involved.
From the most switches you will use there is normaly a logic. For example after landing the FlightDirector Switches are OFF in 99% of cases... So they are ok in next season.
Finaly there are maby only 10-20 switches they wont correct. If you check those things ( 1-2 Minutes) all is fine !
Good Luck !
2019-02-26 20:24