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From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3086
OMG :scared: Your a special one :P

At first.... you said you have FS2004 (FS9)
I get no Data about the PMDG737 there.... All Offset Lists are for the NGX ( FSX or P3D )
So you must check youreself if Offsets are correct or basicly available in the old FS9 Version)

About your Configs..... Thats realy Crap ! You mixed up thousend of things.
For example the Transform in Servo Config is $*1000 not "1000"
Also a use of the value 16383 in the Servo Max Value makes completly no sense !

In Next step you use a FSX value ( Offset 0BDC ) Why you not use the PMDG Value you still work with for the Servo ?
Or much easy why you not use the simple 1/0 Offsets for Flaps Transit Lights of PMDG ?

Again. We will help you but you have to think about the thematic and work logical !!!!!
For Example the Compare in Servo Config makes no sense If $>=0 Then 16383 You not need to be a programmer to understand thats absolutly not logical !
You say IF Value is 0 or greater then 0 then Set to 16383 .... So a Value of Flaps is always 0 or greater .... Then your Compare set Value ALL TIME to 16383 (Whatever its 0,1,2,5, and so on)


Finaly PLEASE use Search funtion !

For example first hit for the Flaps Logic.... Whatever its for Stepper it explane also the System for Servo and Interpolation

For The LED use SEARCH and keyword "TRANSIT" .... Lots of Hits that help you..... Or simply check your PMDG Offset List.
6565 1 BYTE MAIN_annunLE_FLAPS_TRANSIT Boolean
6566 1 BYTE MAIN_annunLE_FLAPS_EXT Boolean

Not give up ! You will learn it.... Whatever it takes time !
Good Luck !
2019-02-26 10:09
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